How Love and Hope Overcame All Odds!

Today I am going to tell you a story about love and hope. If you haven’t seen the Introduction post for the new and improved Powered Crowd go here. In short Powered Crowd is now going to narrow it’s platform to bettering and empowering ourselves as well as overcoming our obstacles. Because as mentioned in the linked post I know that once we, as a person, are empowered we can then fully empower others. Storytelling is a big component in this goal and I won’t go into to it too much more as It’s all explained here but today will be a prime example of how stories can leave us feeling more empowered.

So today’s lesson and story will be about two people dear to my heart. My Grandparents. I am lucky to have been blessed with wonderful grandparent’s on both my mom and dad’s side. Both have amazing things to teach and are amazing human beings. Today’s story is about one set of those grandparent’s and their story.

Ok, Ok, enough preamble, let’s jump right in. My grandparent’s met in 1958 my grandmother was18 and my grandfather was 24.The way my grandmother tells the story is pretty great. The first time she met him was a University, he was at the “help” desk they were both waiting in line and talked a bit but nothing too major. Soon they went their separate ways and that was that. No lightning no instant rush of emotions just a random meeting with friendly conversation.

The next time they met was at a school dance, they talked to each other a bit. My grandfather was showing off a bit with his friends and my grandmother noticed him, as the night went on she started to like him a bit but of course this was 1958 so she played it cool and flirted a bit but in a total modest and subtle way.

A couple day’s later she was pleasantly surprised when she got a phone call from none other than my Grandfather. She was sure he was going to ask her out but instead he asked her for her friends number because he wanted to ask her out! My Grandmother was decently upset as she thought the call was for her. The anger stayed for a while but was diminished with time.

They then met a third time. Some time had passed since the phone call incident and my grandmother went out to another dance where low and behold my grandfather was there as well. He was really shy apparently and asked her to dance. Who knows what was going through my grandmothers head at the moment, dancing with the man who asked her friend out but from the way she tells it I think she enjoyed their dancing quite a bit. There was only one problem… she couldn’t remember his name! My grandfather soon discovered this fact and apparently he thought it was because she didn’t like him, which as I stated I think she definitely did. Quite a turbulent start if I say so myself, good new is they ended up dating and then of course they then got married and had children and then grandchildren(like moi) From there on their relationship bloomed and so many other priceless stories can be said about their relationship but those won’t be for today as today’s story goes down a different path.

My Grandfather as I knew him was a happy guy, he always struck conversation with strangers and made everyone smile wherever he went. My Grandfather and Grandmother weren’t rich when they were raising my dad and his brothers but my grandfather who was a teacher would give his own money to any child who didn’t have a lunch. That is just one of a million examples that showed what a kind hearted guy he was.

I feel tears rise up when I hear about this amazing man,(and here is where the story takes a sad turn) the reason for those tears being that today I don’t have a clear picture of this happy man, instead I have a picture of the same man affected by a terrible disease, Alzheimer’s. As this is how I have known him for years and years. Even with this disease he was still such a kind person. When he got to the point where he didn’t know who I was or who his son’s were he still gave us a smile every time we came in to visit and unlike most Alzheimer’s patients he wasn’t violent.

My grandmother was especially sad to see this turn in event’s (quite understandably). I remember my family one Christmas talking in the kitchen about how my grandfather was forgetting a lot of things and they were a bit worried but my grandmother was adamant that he was going to be fine. Soon however it became too obvious for anyone to be able to deny it My grandmother who is one though cookie, took care of him and his increasing forgetfulness as well as battling cancer. They lived on their own and they managed because as I sad my grandfather is a pretty amazing guy and my grandmother is pretty badass. His outbursts where usually not violent with an exception for one night when he rushed to the Tv to attack some cowboys who were hurting a girl on the TV ( I mean isn’t that too sweet, he was trying to protect the girl on the TV. Less fun I guess for my grandmother who was dealing with it)

Soon my grandmother though as she is couldn’t take care of him anymore, her cancer was getting worse. My grandfather went in a home and year by year he was less and less himself. He started forgetting people in his life and eventually he even forgot his wife.

Now the funny thing with Alzheimer’s is that we don’t know everything about it. Some days were better than others, some days I could swear he knew who I was or knew who my grandmother was. Some days he looked off in the distance and didn’t respond to anything. His mouth hung open and his eyes looked empty.

Good day or bad my grandmother would visit very often. She would bring him treats and feed them to him, she would make sure he was getting well taken care of. She soon knew the other patients by name and all the nurses as well.

After being very sick she moved out of her independent living quarters into the same building as my grandfather. They were in different sections of the building but she would visit him almost everyday. On the day my grandfather died I was the last family member to see him. I went in on the spur of the moment, I had an extra treat from an event I attended nearby and thought I would pop in and give it to him. I went in, gave him the chocolate treat and he was not really responsive to anything I said. Though he sure loved that treat! I tried talking to him but I saw that it just wasn’t the type of day where he would even be able to make some sounds that he knew I was speaking to him.

The next day my parent’s informed me that he had passed away. His funeral had a massive turnout and we all reminisced on how he made each of us happier. Even some of his old students from who knows how many years ago showed up. Unlike most funerals in respect to this happy and wonderful man we sang some songs and shared our stories about him.

Now how do all the pieces of this story click together? I mentioned how no one knows how Alzheimer’s really worked. Does the person affected know who is next to them? Can they process or think or does the brain slowly shut down? I don’t have those answers but I do know that my Grandmother never stopped loving my grandfather even when it seemed he had no clue who she was. She hoped that he would somehow know she was there and that it would bring him some reassurance of joy.

When my grandfather passed away we all kept that love for him and the hope he was somewhere better now. It was all we had to go on. Until a couple day’s ago.

My grandmother as I said was in the same building as my grandfather. A little while had passed since my grandfather had passed away and my grandmother was in her room doing her thing when a nurse came by and said “Is your name Luella?”

My grandmother said yes and the nurse continued with:

I have been wanting to talk to you but I hadn’t been assigned to this floor until now. I was on duty when your husband passed away and I knew I had to tell you what happened in his last moment. Right before he passed away he told us ‘Tell Luella hi;”

Now that might seem like much but considering he hadn’t recognized us for about a year and was practically non verbal save a few nonsensical words here and there every now and then it is pretty darn amazing. It shows that my grandmother’s hope and Love might very well have made a difference in the end.

Now how can this connect to your life?

We all do things that we sometimes believe is useless.

I’m starting this business but it’s useless, I’ll never reach my goals. I teach my sibling with a severe learning disorder her letter’s everyday but it’s useless, she’ll never be able to read. I read to my comatose child everyday but it’s useless the doctors say she will probably never wake up.”

One thing I find however is that nothing is ever useless even though it might seem like it is. Every step backward or forward brings us something. Be it happiness, a lesson, a new path to travel etc.. When it comes to love and hope a step a step in that direction can never, ever be considered useless.

Will things always turn out perfect? No, my grandfather didn’t miraculously overcome Alzheimer’s but one thing no one can take back from you is your hope and your love. It is one of our gifts and when it is shared amazing things can happen. In my grandfather and grandmothers example, my grandmother was able to say that all her caring and her continuous hope for my grandfather was worth it in the end. If you put hope and love into something unconditionally you will see rewards, it might not be for a long long time, like the case of my grandmother where it was years of taking care of my grandfather before he passed away but I promise you will always see some rewards in the end. Some of them as priceless as a goodbye from someone who seemed to have lost all his memories.

What is your view on Love and Hope? Leave them down below and let’s have a discussion!

Do you want to know how my Grandmother is also a medical miracle? How she was told her time on this earth was numbered and she defeated all odds? Comment below if you want to know that inspiring story!

Until next time use the power of storytelling, empower yourself and those around you and be part of Powered Crowd.

Changes coming/ The new Powered Crowd!

Hi everyone!

If you are a frequent visitor to this site you might have seen some changes. Powered Crowd changing it’s mission. Now don’t worry. Powered Crowd is still all about creating positive change and being a community focused on helping others be it in your community or abroad but it has now been narrowed down a bit more.

The new Powered Crowd:

Powered Crowd will now be a place that will help you and show you how to empower yourself and live your best life. I strongly believe that by finding yourself and creating your best self you will be able to then empower others. Life is full of ripple effects, if you want to help those around you but feel miserable and unsatisfied with your life than that will be what you project on other even if that is something you do completely unwillingly.

Now if you feel centered in your life and you feel empowered and hopeful you will project those feeling to others and create a ripple effect of positive change.

The new Powered Crowd will also be very storytelling oriented. Stories have been around for ever. It was a way to pass on knowledge and information, a way to pass down cultures and ways of life. Through the power of stories you will be able to achieve what you want in life. I will be sharing stories from people who are helping other feel empowered through their actions. I will sharing people who are making that positive change in their life. I will be sharing personal stories and lesson I have learned in life and stories of experience that have taught me a lot.

So many great things are coming. There is Coaching opportunities, a book in the works and some additions to current products. You don’t want to miss it! Subscribe to the mailing list for all the updates!

Message From Another Walk of Life – Audrie Astebury

Hi everyone,

Another amazing segment of “Message for Another Walk of Life” is now up! Each interview I make leaves me so inspired and this one was no exception.

What this interview really taught me is the wide range of possibilities when it comes to positive change. For example you wouldn’t think business would be part of making positive change but there is many ways in business that you can make positive impact. I won’t say more because we discuss this all in detail in the interview. Go check it out below!

So what did you think? I know I had so many amazing ideas and I learned so much during the interview and by watching it again!

Before I reveal the bonus questions I want to add that I love hearing form you. Please comment or message me on any social media about this segment or any others segment. Let’s get a discussion going and help spread the message of positive change and empowerment.

Without further ado here is the exclusive bonus questions:

1) Was there a specific moment or event that made you decide to start your own business?

I had several aha moments that resulted from a culmination of events. The biggest take away for me at the time I decided to launch my own company is that it was time to dig deeper and connect more fully with my desire to empower aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs to thrive. Over a number of years, I had an opportunity to help spearhead campaigns and a variety of initiatives for a number of non-profits and private sector organizations in my spare time. This really enlivened me and it made me aware that a need existed for smaller organizations to fine tune their operations to allow for maximum and sustained growth and I wanted to help facilitate the process.

2) What was the best piece of advice you have received in your life?

The best piece of advice I ever received is to “Be confident in your decisions.”


That’s it for today! Until next time be part of a Powered Crowd and spread some positive change!

100 days to me: Episode 2 – The time is now!

A little while has passed since my last update and it’s not because I haven’t been doing anything. No, in fact I have been super busy!

I have started writing again (not for my blog but for my Fantasy novel) and I am loving it. I have also started reading again. These are two big things that I have stopped myself from doing in the past. I knew I loved them but I didn’t let myself do them. I kept on saying to myself that I didn’t deserve it just yet, that there was more important things to do.

What I have realized is that for most things that we find hard there will never be a good time. Let me give you and example.

I have started a health program. It is fairly intense and no junk food is allowed. I am not doing it to change my body shape in order to be more accepted. I am happy with who I am. What I am not happy about is the fact that I can’t do what I want to do with the shape my body is in. I love to travel and be active but I am so out of shape it’s hard. I want to have a lot of energy for friends, family and my business but that is also really hard with the way my body is at the moment. So I am changing it for self empowerment and betterment. Not to fit the beauty ideals of society.

I digress, what I was saying is this program isn’t easy. As one of my trainers would say, “You abused your body for so long it will take a while and a lot of hard work to be able to do things like run again”. I have someone in the program who told me “It’s so hard because it’s summer” I agree summer has a lot of BBQ and parties and ice cream and treats but, so do any other season. There is pumpkin lattes, apple pies and candy in Fall, there’s Christmas treats in winter, hot chocolate and Beaver tales (An awesome Canadian winter treat) and the list goes on. I think you get the point and I hope the term there will never be a good time make sens now.

So knowing there will never be a good time, I have adapted the moto, no time but the present. If you can start working on something now than do it!

So that’s what I did, I am working on my novel, getting over my 2 year reading slump, working out and eating right and on top of all this I am reading self help books to help me get my perspective on the right track.

How can you do the same? Start by taking the first step. It doesn’t need to be big, just take that one step in the right direction and build on it everyday.

Want some help in that field? Join my new Facebook group for everyone who wants to be in a Powered Crowd for positive change! I give out lot’s of advice in ways to help make your life better and how you can help make other people’s life better. Click here to join.

Here is one of my latest videos on my favorite self help books if you need more ideas!

That’s it for today! Have an amazing today and don’t forget to create some positive change!

Let’s all be a Powered Crowd together!

100 Days to me: Episode 1

You might have read about my self help book challenge. If you haven’t check it out here It will explain how this all fits in which Powered Crowd. One thing I was seeing over and over again was to take time for yourself which is why I changed this challenge a bit. I will still be reading the books I had shown, I will still be following their advice word for word but I have changed it to make it a bit more broad.  Keep reading to find out what exactly has changed!

I know that at some point in out lives we all struggle with finding ourselves and being happy. For some of us this period is longer than others and for some like me It has lasted too long.

Have I tried to get out of this pattern that is keeping me from being myself and achieving my true potential? Yes of course but for some reason I keep self sabotaging myself and fall back into the same patterns. Each time I fall back into the pattern I get more unhappy, more obese, less and less myself.

Now I am writing this intro on the June 4th 2018 which will also be the start date of this adventure which I will explain of very shortly. (Don’t look skip ahead I’ll know and I promise it’s worth the wait.) The main thing that propelled me on this adventure is a Facebook video. (Facebook videos and light bulb moments seem to be a reoccurring theme for me but again more on that later.) I was scrolling through Facebook and saw that someone in one of my female entrepreneur groups was doing a live video. I listened to the first minute not intending to listen to the whole thing but I ended up not only watching the whole thing and commenting multiple times on the video but also messaging her afterwards to talk about the options she gave for her coaching business. Something in the video made me instantly think: She would be a good coach.

A couple days later I was on a Skype call with her and I liked her and her style of coaching but then we got to the prices. She was in the US I was in Canada and her prices in my currency came at the lowest of 4,000 for 30 days and the other options where closer to 6-7,000 $. Now she told me that investing in yourself is worth it and her site said that if it really is important to you the money won’t hold you back but I am sorry I did not (and still don’t today three weeks later) have enough money in my bank account for even the cheapest options. I told her exactly that and she deflated a little and recommended I look at her videos or read some self help books.

Now, do I think she is still a good coach? Yes, I think she is. Do I think a coach needs to charge that much money? No, I think it’s completely ridiculous. I would think the majority of people hire coaches if they are struggling and I don’t think that you should only get quality help if you have a lot of money. I am not saying coaches can’t set high prices but she told me she helped young women so I can’t help but think of the financial strain it must put on some people. But I digress, the point is, I literally could not afford her as a coach and after some research decided that most coaches had prices that I couldn’t afford. (which is not saying much because I am a broke student who invested a lot of money in her business)

So I took her advice, although probably not in the way she expected, and went to a local bookstore which I also work at and get a discount at and bought some self help books. Than I devised a plan, I would read these books and follow the advice word for word even if I thought it was stupid and then make up my mind after if it did help. My first thought was to document it on my blog and you might have seen updates on there every now and then but It then evolved to the book you are reading right now.

So what is this adventure I am embarking on June 4th 2018? Well I am going to document 100 days of me focusing on becoming “me” I will let myself do things I love, I will improve my physical health, I will increase my happiness and I won’t be doing it with an expensive coach. No, I will be doing it by following the exact advice from a self help books and documenting my progress throughout the 100 days. My goal is that I will be able to look back and see the progress but also that you, as a reader, can read this book and see the progression and effort it takes to make this big of a change and hopefully if you are struggling you can be encouraged to start your own journey.

Keep up to date for more episodes in this series by subscribing with your email. If you want sneak peaks follow me on my social media!

Until then be part of a Powered Crowd and create some positive change!

Message From Another Walk of Life – Omar Lopez

Hello everyone!,

I am back with another “Message from Another Walk of Life” segment to share!

This time I interviewed Omar Lopez who is assistant principle of Instruction at KIPP Austin Public School.

I personally found this interview so inspiring. I feel like teachers are essential and that a good teacher can completely change your life. Take my sister for example. One amazing music teacher in high school inspired her to become one herself and now she is making positive impact in more children’s lives.

If you haven’t seen the video please go see it! You can click here  or you can see it below

As mentioned in the video if you are in Texas or know someone who is in Texas and can help the school you can reach out to them by going on their website contact page here.

I don’t have much more to say for this post. I think the video pretty much sums it up and shows the power of a good educator or teacher. I also think it is important to mention the amount of work that goes into lesson prep and teaching. Like Omar said a teacher had many hats and drawing from my experience as camp coordinator and my sisters stories I know that someone who is passionate will go above and beyond to make sure the children are happy and learn. There is so many stories and examples of this where for example teachers buy supplies with their own money ( like my grandfather did as a teacher himself, when he used to buy lunches for kids who didn’t have any) and I think after talking to Omar it just reminded me  how much of an impact we can make on those around us each and every day.

So to close this post I will show you the two bonus answers that Omar kindly answered for me.

1) What gives you hope for the future of children who might struggle at school and/or the future of education as a tool for empowerment?

In this country there is a huge gap in our education system. Students in low income communities tend to not have the same opportunities as other students who come from high income families. My mission is to empower our students by giving them the tools to become a productive member in our society so that one day they can come back to their neighborhoods and help us close the opportunity gap.

2) Where there any experiences or events in your life that lead you to wanting to have your current job?

When I went to college, I went with the mentality that I needed to graduate with a degree that will allow me to find a job in which I could make a lot of money. As I joined the Penn State Dance Marathon, in which they raise money to support families that have children who have cancer, I realized that my passion was helping families and children. That’s when I learned about Teach for America and discovered that I could continue helping families after I graduated from College. Now my passion is in education and helping close the achievement gap in this country.

So that’s it for today! Until next time, be part of a Powered Crowd and create some positive change!

Happiness and Following the Exact Advice from a Self Help Book

So, I have found recently that I have been unhappy. Do I have a reason to be unhappy? Nope. I am incredibly blessed with a supportive family, a home, a job etc… Yet I am still unhappy. I have talked about how happiness is not about money and is actually fairly simple to find in day to day life if you have the right mindset. Which means I don’t think I have the right mindset, I have all the things I need to be happy but I am not. I am preventing myself from being happy.

If I have to be honest what I feel like is that there is a wall blocking me from being happy and as much as I bang on it and try to break it down it still won’t fall. Sometimes I get it to crack but then I sabotage myself and the cracks close up and I am back to the start. Let me give you an example, I start eating healthier because a healthier you ties in to a healthier mind and a better life. It goes well for a couple days and then I binge eat and I feel bad about myself, my mental health and self disappointment overcome me and I give up on eating healthy.

So how to break this wall that is closing me off from being happy? Well I watched a video on Youtube from a life coach and I just loved her style. I then got a free consultation call to talk about options and the cheapest one was around 2000 dollars for 30 days and the other options was around 4,000 dollars from 3 months or 6000 from 3 months. While I loved the coach I don’t have that kind of money. While we where ending the call I think she understood that there was no way I could afford even her cheapest option so she advised me to look at her online content and start a journey on my own with the help from online videos and self help books.

So I got to thinking, I want to be happier, and I have to do it on a budget. So what do I do? I will do something that used to make me happy and that I have been stopping myself from doing for no reason I can comprehend and It will hopefully give me some insight on how to be happy.

So what I decided to do was go the bookstore I work at and get a discount at, and buy some self help books. Yep the thing I used to love was reading and the thing I have stopped myself from doing for a while is letting myself read. Talk about self sabotage.

So how does this all tie in to Powered Crowd? Well one of the areas in which I want to create Positive change is in my personal life and again as is in Powered Crowds mission I want to encourage others to create positive change in their personal life as well. So what I will do is read a self help book and follow exactly what they tell me to do. I will document all this on this website and on my Youtube channel.

Is the advice in the self help book actually helpful? Will it help me achieve my goals or cause me anxiety? I guess for those answers all will be revealed with time. You will have to follow me on this journey to find out.

I hope by the end of this I will have learned more about how to help myself in my personal life and I also hope by documenting this journey I can save some time and energy for people who are looking at the best way to improve and “self- help” themselves by doing the hard work for you and giving you the facts and the tips and tricks I learned throughout this journey. I will be able to tell you what works and what doesn’t. In short I hope that by documenting this experiment I can help anyone out there who is struggling with similar things to me like self confidence, weight loss/health, mental health, happiness, how to achieve my goals, letting myself do the things I love etc..

After saying this I also think that discussion is key if we want to have a fuller picture of this following the self care books literally project I am doing. So please comment on the posts with your thoughts and ideas and engage in social media. You can use the #poweredcrowd on twitter and/or tag me @MayaLemaire . You can also tag me on Instagram @PoweredCrowd, comment on my Facebook page @poweredcrowd or comment on my Youtube channel which I have linked above.

So what books am I starting with? ( Note I am no way sponsored or payed to promote or read these books. If this ever changes throughout this experiment I will update this)

Firstly I want to work on my physical health ans self esteem so I will be reading:

  • Healthy is the New Skinny by Katie H.Willcox
  • Link to buy book here if you want to follow along
  • The book has 4 parts and I will be reading 1 part per week

Image result for Healthy is the New Skinny by Katie H.Willcox

The second book I will be reading is for all the other aspects I want to work on such as mental health, increasing happiness etc. The books name is:

  • 50 Ways to Yay by Alexis Panos
  • Link to buy book here if you want to follow along.
  • This book has 50 parts and exercises and I will be doing 2 parts or more a week depending on timing.

Image result for 50 Ways to Yay by Alexis Panos

So that’s about it! The first post will be tomorrow to show you my initial thoughts and from then on I will most likely do one post a week or more depending again and what’s going on with my schedule that week!

If you want more updates and to be the first to know new information follow me on my social media

Until next time be happy, be,YOUtiful and be part of Powered Crowd for positive change!

Message from Another Walk of Life – Interviewing Atomic Stitch

Do you remember when I posted about the new segment I am starting on here and my Youtube Channel? If not you can check it out here .

I just had my first interview not too long ago and I am so excited to share some extra thoughts about it on here!

Firstly go check out the interview below or keep reading and check it out later.

So in this first ever segment of Message From Another Walk of Life I talked to a young 10 year old boy named Noah.

Noah decided to start a project to fund raise money for one of the charity races he does with his mom this project evolved into Atomic Stitch which makes coffee sleeves and donates the proceeds to charity, more specifically the soup kitchen.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting, drink and indoor

I learned about this on a sewing group on Facebook which I am part of to find supplies for a product which will be announced very soon! Noah’s mother was looking for some scrap fabric that no one wanted so Noah could make more coffee sleeves and they would be environmentally friendly as well because they would reuse fabric that would otherwise be thrown away.

Noah’s product is very nice. (see picture below) and he has already made over 150$ for charity! I mean when looking at the majority of people I think that is more than most people give to charity in a couple months maybe even in a year for some.

I asked Noah about the process of making these coffee sleeves and it seems he does all the sewing with a little help from his Mom. I think this is a great partnership, Noah seems to have a big part in the direction of Atomic Stitch and the fabrication of the coffee sleeves but the Mom seems to be the driving force of the promotion and everything related to helping sell them. Theres nothing wrong with this of course, in fact I think it’s a great thing! A mother showing her son how to be part of a Powered Crowd for positive change and helping him learn how to grow an initiative what can be better?

Overall it was a great interview. I loved how Noah was with all his achievements in Atomic Stitch is just a regular kid who loves video games as he told me. The only difference is that Noah saw something he found unfair like people not having food and decided to take action on it.

No automatic alt text available.

I think this is a lesson we can all learn from. If we see something we think is wrong or unfair let’s take action and make steps towards changing them. It doesn’t need to be a whole project like Atomic Stitch or Powered Crowd because even small steps in the right directions are successes. Like I always say if we all do something to make the world a better place the world would be a completely different place!

That’s it for today. If you want to go check out Atomic Stitch here is their Facebook page where you can look and order their coffee sleeves.

Until next time think of Noah’s example and start making some steps big or small to make some positive change in issues that are close to you or that you care about.

Finding your purpose

I have spent countless hours and days fretting over what I wanted to do with my life, what was my purpose? How could I find a job or pursuit that makes me feel happy and accomplished.

The problem was the more I thought about this question the less things were clear and the more anxious I got. So I put it aside and went to work on what I knew I could do. For example, I knew I could do this blog, I knew I could work slowly but surely on building Powered Crowd so that’s what I focused on.

I think when you are struggling with feeling fulfilled and finding what you are meant to do the best thing to do is as I said focus on what you are able to achieve and work on today. The rest will come.

Now I fast forward to about a week ago. I woke up feeling very low, I was sad and I didn’t know why, I didn’t know where to go next and so as most people my age in North America I went online to look through social media.

As I was scrolling through Facebook I came upon one of those sponsored videos which I usually avoid.

But that morning I decided to watch it. Here is the video if you want to check it out.

Priceless Gifts

The most special gifts

Posted by Daily Viral Stories on Friday, May 4, 2018

As I watched the video I felt my emotions rise and I was also teary eyed, is this because the video was amazing? Not really, I mean it’s a good video but I have seen similar ones on countless occasions. I think I just watched it at the right time and as continued watching I had that aha moment. This is what I want to do I thought.

Now what was this big revelation? It was in fact pretty simple. I want to make people happy. 6 words that made the metaphorical clouds part on my sucky morning and my countless hours of struggling to find out what I wanted to do part.

I now had this goal for my business for life, for everyday. Happiness can be small like finding a nickel on the ground or big like helping someone who is struggling through something hard but I think we all deserve to be happy and I want to help bring a bit of joy into people’s life whenever I can. To me that is fulfilling.

Where will I go from now that I have found my current purpose? I will continue growing this Powered Crowd so we can all spread that positive change and happiness and I will make a larger effort to brighten someones day everyday.

Some of the things I mentioned might seem self evident to you or it might have thought you something. I think this whole experience for me has thought me that there are some things you can’t force and just have to be patient about.

I know that I and many people I know try to force things to happen, we can all be impatient but some of the most beautiful and rewarding things just take patience and perseverance. You can’t force a flower to grow all you can do is water it everyday and wait to see beautiful things happen.

On that note go and spread some happiness that could very well grow into something amazing and be part of a Powered Crowd for Positive change!

Guest Post – The Art of Saying No

Hello everyone,

Today I have a guest post! I am all about showing different perspectives. So here is a it more about the guest blogger:

Deeksha Tripathi is a blogger from India. She is a teacher, mom of a toddler and owner of where she writes motivational posts and inspirational stories of real women who have made a difference to the world.

I always like knowing more about the story behind certain ideas and opinions so I asked Deeksha if she could let me know why this subject was important to her. Here is what she said:

I firmly believe there’s strong need for every woman to learn and in fact master the art of saying No as they are often least concerned with their own care being busy in fulfilling everyone’s wish as if they are a fairy having a magic wand!! So I advocate art of learning No for all beautiful women so that they can manage some time and personal space for themselves.

And with that thought let’s jump into to Deeksha’s post:


In today’s world everyone knows the importance of ‘Art of Saying No’. We all have lots of commitments to fulfil in very little time we have. Men have their own challenges in life which they handle according to their own capabilities. As far as women are concerned the challenges in their life are even greater. Women are expected to be ‘Super Women’ literally! They have to take care of everyone around them. They have to excel in all the roles of their life be it a homemaker, a responsible mother, a loving wife, a caring daughter-in-law, or a successful career woman! In such a scenario learning ‘Art of Saying No’ becomes more necessary for all the lovely ladies so that they can have less stress and be more productive! So here are some tips for you to learn Art Of  Saying ‘No’!

Set Your Priorities

In any given day, a woman has to carry out many important tasks like getting kids ready for the school, helping hubby to leave for office timely, giving medicine to the elderly, or going herself for work. After all this if someone asks you for your help you should first see whether you want to spend that precious little time with your kids and hubby or you can really devote it to do something which can be easily done by someone else! If you ask me, I’m surely going to give my little time to my loved ones by gently saying No to others.

Realize the value of your time

Ladies, you have just 24 hours everyday! You have oodles of responsibilities on your shoulders. So, you have to admit the fact that your time is extremely valuable and you can not just ignore it! Better sometimes you simply say “ Dude I can NOT do this right now..May be I do it sometime later..”  In this way you can manage your time efficiently.

Develop Habit of Saying No

Initially, when you start Saying No to people, they may take it lightly and try to persuade you to say Yes for any given thing for example to accompany someone to market. But, when you have other commitments for the day you have to be strong and say No directly. You have to make it a habit to say whenever and wherever you aren’t comfortable.

Don’t feel Sorry

Generally people feel and say sorry whenever they have to say No to someone. This isn’t right. Why say sorry for not being able to do something which is beyond your commitments and time? Simply say “I can not do this because it is beyond my boundaries”.

Don’t try to be ‘Good’

Being gentle and polite is good as long as it doesn’t affect you adversely. If people start taking advantage of it, it’s high time you realize it and take measures to guard your time or money whatever they want to extract from you. You have stop acting good and firmly refuse any request that will only hurt you by wasting your time and money.

I know it’s important to care for others but isn’t self care equally important? If we are not happy, we can not make others happy. If are not able to enjoy ourselves we can not make those around us cheerful and relaxed. So, in short the key to a balanced and happy life is giving priority to ourselves and learning Art of Saying No is it’s top most requirement!


And that’s it for this great guest post. What did you think of Deeksha’s view on saying no?

Do you think saying no politely is important if you want to create positive change? I know, I agree that when something is harmful or can effect you negatively it is ok to say “No”. But I also know that it has to be done in a kind way. 🙂

So until next time be part of a Powered Crowd for positive change!