Blogmas day 11- 25 days of kindness

As it is getting colder(at least here in Ottawa) it’s a time of year I start to really feel sad for homeless people begging on the streets. I don’t really get myself involved in that much because I don’t have the training and resources to really help. But I do donate and try to help in ways that are in my control. So today the goal is to give food to a homeless person or donate to a local food bank.

Here is how it went:

So as I mentioned in my last post because I missed yesterday’s challenge I did it today. Yesterday’s challenge was to leave nice notes for people in public places so here is some examples of notes I wrote. I will drop them off tomorrow but today I stayed home all day because I was feeling sick and we had a lot of snow so I didn’t want to drive if I didn’t need to.


As for today’s challenge I had already completed it a couple days ago here is a picture.


All right I am all caught up with my challenges!

Here is tomorrows challenge:

If you are taking a trip to any store for groceries or anything else put away three things that you see there.

I hope you had a great day!

See you tomorrow!

Blogmas day 11 – 25 Days of Kindness

Day 11! I got this idea from someone a long time ago but I still think it’s brilliant! Leave feel good post it notes in public places, on a bus seat, in a library book, in the mirror or a girls or boys bathroom. It can be completely anonymous!

Here is how it went for me:

As you might see this post is a bit late. I had a really busy day yesterday and I was trying really hard to finish one of my final exams for university(it was a take home exam) I succeeded in doing that goal and my next goal was to go for a workout and then do my act of kindness. I got as far as the gym and 10 minutes on the treadmill when I was hit with a wave of dizziness. I tried to keep working out but it just wasn’t happening I felt like I would fall down. So I went home and rested and then fell asleep and here we are the next morning. So in short day 11 wasn’t a success but I will try to do this goal today as well as today’s goal which is to donate to a homeless person or donate to a local food bank. This one will be tricky today as in my hometown we are expecting 15-20 cm of snow and driving probably isn’t the best Idea so I might just make a pile of food to donate and drop it off another day. Safety first!

Picture of my readings for schools

Picture of my readings for schools

I will see you again later today when I post today’s Blogmas post and tomorrows kindness goal!

Until then be part of a Powered Crowd for positive change.

Blogmas day 10 – 25 days of kindness

It’s day 10! As we are in the cold month of Winter here in Ottawa, Canada the goal for today is to shovel someones driveway. I want everyone to be able to participate so if you live in a warm climate you can still do this! You could rake some leaves, mow a lawn, pick up garbage ect..

This is how it went for me:

So because yesterday I was very late with my post I decided to get this act of kindness done early today! So I got up around 6:30am and went outside to shovel. It was a bit of perfect timing because overnight we had some snow fall. Not a lot in Ottawa’s standards but still enough to shovel.

So the driveway I shoveled was my dad’s driveway. If you read my day 9 blogmas post you would see why he might be tired today(spent the day at the hospital with him mom) So I decided to shovel the driveway for him while he sleeps in so he doesn’t need to do it when he wakes up.


At first I really wanted to do it for a stranger but I feel like today it was the right choice to do it for someone I knew.

Here is Tomorrows challenge:

Leave feel good post it notes in public places

I hope you have a good day! Let me know how you did today!

Until then be part of a Powered Crowd.

Blogmas day 9 – 25 days of kindness

Today is day 9! So if you have been following these post you might know that today’s kindness challenge was supposed to be “Thank a teacher or someone who has helped you recently” That was my goal for today but things didn’t go as planned. However I did do 2 acts of kindness today so read ahead for that. As well this challenge will pop up again in the future of the 25 days of Kindness so stay tuned for that.

Here is how it went for me:

So as mentioned today didn’t go as planned. I started my day with some work on a final exam for university. Than I went to the most amazing book sale where most books are 25 cents each! I gave away 32 books that didn’t suit my reading tastes anymore for the giveaway( see post here) so I permitted myself to spend 10$ on new books. Then things veered off in a path that I wasn’t expecting. I was expecting to go visit my grandmother with my dad because she had been feeling unwell and then from there leave for home where I would go for a workout, do my acts of kindness and a whole bunch of other little things before going to volunteer this evening. What happened is that I went to visit my grandmother with my dad as planned but she really wasn’t looking great. She was scheduled for an appointment at the hospital (routine thing but won’t go into details) that my uncle was supposed to bring her too but the planned switched to us dropping her off on the way back to where we live. When we got there they told us that because of the symptoms she was experiencing they didn’t want to do the appointment to be safe and wanted her to go to the emergency part of the hospital to see a doctor. Long story short I spent most of the day there talking to my grandmother and helping out. She is still there now so if you are reading this send her well wishes!

After I left the hospital I went straight to the volunteering which was selling raffle tickets at a movie showing of the Breadwinner, for the book version of the movie (By the way the movie was amazing! Definitely recommend! You learn so much from it.) All profits collected went to a music program for girl refugees in my hometown. I then went home finished my work on my University final and now here I am writing.

Breadwinner movie poster - Image taken from IMDb

Breadwinner movie poster – Image taken from IMDb

So did I achieve the goal of the day? No. But I did help out my grandmother and I did raise awareness for gender equality while volunteering at the event mentioned and I raised funds for an amazing program so I think that counts.

It was one of those days where you realize sometimes life doesn’t go as planned but sometimes that’s necessarily a bad thing. Some amazing things can come from the unexpected. Am I happy my grandmother is in the hospital? Of course not! But I am happy I got to spend the day with her chatting while waiting for tests and news. I am happy I got to volunteer at that event and see that inspirational story. I am happy that I went to that book sale even though it wasn’t in my schedule until the last minute.

So here is to the unexpected. Life isn’t perfect but than again where is the fun and adventure in a life that is perfect?

Let me know how your day was!

Here is tomorrows goal:

shovel someones driveway (or mow the lawn/pick garbage for someone if you are in a warm climate)

Until tomorrow! Be part of a Powered Crowd!

Christmas acts of kindness contest/giveaway!

Hello everyone!

I have a great giveaway for everybody! A pile of 32 books of all genres to enjoy during this cold Christmas season!

Imagine, sitting by the fire with some hot chocolate and a good book….



So how to win? It’s easy! Go on Twitter or Facebook and like my post with the contest announcement. Then share a post that explains an act of kindness you did on either twitter or Facebook  while tagging me and using the hashtag #poweredcrowd.  (Ex: I told 5 friends thank you for being so kind. @poweredcrowd #poweredcrowd OR @MayaLemaire on Twitter)

I will announce the winner on December 23rd!

Who can participate? Anyone but… if you are not in Ottawa,Canada you will have to pay for shipping. I apologize for that but I am a student and I have a very limited budget!

So an overview:

1. Like my post on Facebook or Twitter ( Links: Twitter: + Facebook:

2. Share a post with the #poweredcrowd as well as tagging me in it. This post should mention an act of kindness you did big or small. (See my website for ideas on acts of kindness, it can be as small as opening the door for someone)

3. Wait for the reveal on December 23rd!

Here is the list of books:

Gone by Micheal Grant

Young World by Chris Weitz

Sublime by Christina Lauren

Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick

Dream a little Dream by Kiersten Gier

The uninvited by Wynne-Jones

Prophecy of the most beautiful by Diantha Jones

After obsession by Carrie Jones

The hollow by Jessica Verday

Shifting Shadows by Patricia Briggs

Shapeshifter by Holly Bennet

Deception by Stacy Claflin

Revealers by Amanda Marrone

Lament by Maggie Stiefvater

Ballad by Maggie Stiefvater

Katana by Cole Gibsen

Trance by Linda Gerber

Dark heart rising by Lee Monroe

Dark heart Forever by Lee Monroe

The Hunters moon by O.R  Melling

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

Sea of Shadow by Kelley Armstrong

Watersmermeet by Ellen Jensen Abbott

Let the great world spin bu Colum McCann

All fall down by Ally Carter

Partials by Dan Wells

Swapping lives by Jane Green

Across a star swept sea by Diana Peterfreund

Industrial magic by Kelly Armstrong

The map of the sky by Felix L. Palma

The swan kingdom by Zoe Marriot


Q: Why is there library stickers on some?

A: I bought them at a library sale where they get rid of books they don’t need. This is why you will see the black line on the white sticker.

Q: If I win can I just pick a couple of the 32 books?

A: Yes absolutely! Especially if you live far away and don’t want to pay shipping for all these books I completely understand!

Q: What does an act of Kindness consist of?

A: Anything that helps someone somehow or brings a little joy to someone. (It excludes things you would just do anyway like give your spouse a hug or pay the babysitter etc…)

Blogmas day 8 – 25 days of kindness

Day 8! Today’s act of kindness is donating things you don’t need. I am sure everyone ( except for people who are homeless or of very low income) have something they can donate. An old shirt. An old toy, some stationary, an old pen? Anything goes even those small shampoo bottles given at hotel are in need at some homeless and women shelters.

The goal is to give at least one thing. My goal is to give 5 things!

T his is how I did:

I have been collecting things for a little while now so I had small box full of things to bring! (see picture) I dropped it off and at first the women at the desk of the community help center was skeptical. “We don’t accept used toys” she said. I showed her the box and her face light up. “Thank you” she said. I think she was really happy with it!


How did you do?

Here is tomorrows challenge:

Thank a teacher or someone who has helped you recently

See you tomorrow! Until then be part of a powered crowd for positive change!

Here is a last little fun idea that is related to this: Have you heard of the reverse advent calendar? For people who are fortunate in their way of life you can have a box and find one thing a day to give away instead of receiving something everyday.

Blogmas Day 7 – 25 Days of Kindness

Today on day 7 the goal is to give four people a compliment. You can go easy and tell a compliment to people you know or you can challenge yourself and give a compliment to four strangers!

Here is how I did:

Well today started off with an unexpected act of kindness. I was watching TV as I made breakfast and saw that a local TV station was picking up food donations. The person picking them up was one of the hosts of a morning show and he also used to be a football player for the Ottawa Red Blacks which one the Grey cup when he was quarter back! So I got some canned food which I hadn’t touched for a long time and didn’t need and dropped it off and even got a photo with Henri Burris the Tv show host. So that was fun!

IMG_20171207_084607_01 IMG_20171207_084243 IMG_20171207_083951

No onto the challenge. I definitely surpassed the compliment goal but not by a lot as I was mostly indoors all day working on a final assignment for university. The compliments varied from but they were mostly clothes related, I like your hat, wow what a nice purse etc… ( I kept blanking on what I could say) the only one who varied a bit was a compliment to my tutoring student on her good work. I don’t know If that counts though because I always encourage my tutoring students when they do well.

How did you do?

Here is tomorrows goal:

Donate something you don’t need (clothes, toys,jewellery etc..)

That’s all for now. Until next time be part of a powered crowd for positive change!

Blogmas Day 6 – 25 Days of Kindness

Day 6! This one has been done before but it is always nice. Buy a coffee for the person behind you. If you go to a place like Timmies (Tim Horton’s- Canadian coffee place) or Starbucks this works really well. Simply pay for a coffee and tell the cashier to give it to the person behind you. Sometimes it creates a chain where people keep buying it for the next person. They feel happy to have someone paying for their coffee so they do it for someone else.

So here is how my day went:

I have been feeling very off and sick today. So I didn’t get to this challenge until late tonight. Hence the late post. When I finally got to it I decided on a local Tim Horton’s (a popular Canadian Coffee place for those who are unfamiliar with it) It was mostly deserted due to the late time. (Note to self go in the morning when everyone wants a coffee fix) I waited around pretending to be thinking of my order until some people walked in. I then ordered a little treat for myself and a coffee for the person behind me. Now, when I have done that in the past it was no problem and the person at the cash new exactly what to do. This time however, again maybe it was the timing or maybe this act of kindness is no longer popular as it was, but the cashier was thoroughly confused. She kept asking me what I wanted in the coffee and I tried explaining it wasn’t for me or someone I knew. Eventually another cashier came to  check on the cashier I was talking to ( I think she was new) and I told her I want to buy a coffee, but it’s not for me it’s for the stranger behind me. Comprehension dawned on their faces. The first thing the new cashier said was “that’s nice” but then her face grew somber and she added “but isn’t that like awkward?”


I went into how all she had to say if the person behind me ordered a coffee was say  “it’s already paid for by an act of kindness”. She nodded still slightly confused. I paid and walked to the main door. I pretended to check my phone because I wanted to see if they would actually do it. I think they did because I am pretty sure the man behind me said “but why would they do that” but I was too out of range to hear and was walking out at that point to not be that weird creepy person who bought a stranger a coffee and waited at the door till they got it.

Moral of the story sometimes this works amazing and it makes someones day and people keep paying it forward for the person behind them. Sometimes it confuses people. Sometimes it doesn’t work and the cashier keeps the coffee( though that has never happened to me) Either way it is a good thing to try and I would like to think the man behind me was happy about a free coffee.

So how did you do?

Here is tomorrows Challenge:

give four people a compliment

See you tomorrow! Until then be part of a powered crowd for positive change!

Blogmas day 5 – 25 Days of Kindness

Day 5! This one might be already done by some but it is sending out cards. There is something special about receiving a handwritten card. The fact that someone took the time to think of you and effort put into making and sending a card is almost always appreciated. For this one there is options, you can send a card to a family member or friend or if that is already done or not possible you can also send some cards to sick children who are most likely going to spend the holidays in the hospital. Here is the link her is you are interested in that a quick google search will bring more companies as well. I have seen some In the UK, US and Canada.

Here is how it went for me:

I decided to write cards to family members. I haven’t done that before so I thought it would be fun to do. I wrote three cards and they were all for my grandparents. I feel like when you are blessed with having grandparents when many people don’t at my age(21) you should appreciate every moment you have with them.

So here is a picture of the cards I chose!


I took some time to fill them with kind words and drawings( because I love to doodle) and it was really relaxing and fun!


Once that was all done I had the satisfaction of putting them in the mail box and imagining the smile my grandparents faces when they receive it!


So that is how my day went. How was yours?

Here is tomorrows challenge!

Buy a coffee(or something small) for the person behind you

See you tomorrow! Until then be kind and part of a Powered Crowd!

Blogmas Day 4 – 25 days of Kindness

Day four! Today the goal takes a bit more effort than the other acts of kindness. Still not hard though. (I will do my best to make sure the acts of Kindness are always very easy to achieve in order to show that being kind doesn’t need to take a lot of work!) The goal today is to text three friends or even just people you know and wish them a good day. You can use social media but if you do it will be kind of similar to another act of kindness I have planned.

Image taken here: all credit goes to them

Image taken here: all credit goes to them

Ok so here is how I did:

You might see that this post is up very very early today. This is because this one is pretty fast to do. Just this morning I texted 8 people to wish them a good day or just ask how they were. It not only made some people happy (I hope) but it is also a way to remind me to talk to people I haven’t talked to in a while. I have been having some good conversations!

Let me know how you do today!

Here is tomorrows goal: 

sending out cards (To friends, family or people who are lonely or sick)

See you again tomorrow!