100 days to me: Episode 2 – The time is now!

A little while has passed since my last update and it’s not because I haven’t been doing anything. No, in fact I have been super busy!

I have started writing again (not for my blog but for my Fantasy novel) and I am loving it. I have also started reading again. These are two big things that I have stopped myself from doing in the past. I knew I loved them but I didn’t let myself do them. I kept on saying to myself that I didn’t deserve it just yet, that there was more important things to do.

What I have realized is that for most things that we find hard there will never be a good time. Let me give you and example.

I have started a health program. It is fairly intense and no junk food is allowed. I am not doing it to change my body shape in order to be more accepted. I am happy with who I am. What I am not happy about is the fact that I can’t do what I want to do with the shape my body is in. I love to travel and be active but I am so out of shape it’s hard. I want to have a lot of energy for friends, family and my business but that is also really hard with the way my body is at the moment. So I am changing it for self empowerment and betterment. Not to fit the beauty ideals of society.

I digress, what I was saying is this program isn’t easy. As one of my trainers would say, “You abused your body for so long it will take a while and a lot of hard work to be able to do things like run again”. I have someone in the program who told me “It’s so hard because it’s summer” I agree summer has a lot of BBQ and parties and ice cream and treats but, so do any other season. There is pumpkin lattes, apple pies and candy in Fall, there’s Christmas treats in winter, hot chocolate and Beaver tales (An awesome Canadian winter treat) and the list goes on. I think you get the point and I hope the term there will never be a good time make sens now.

So knowing there will never be a good time, I have adapted the moto, no time but the present. If you can start working on something now than do it!

So that’s what I did, I am working on my novel, getting over my 2 year reading slump, working out and eating right and on top of all this I am reading self help books to help me get my perspective on the right track.

How can you do the same? Start by taking the first step. It doesn’t need to be big, just take that one step in the right direction and build on it everyday.

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Here is one of my latest videos on my favorite self help books if you need more ideas!

That’s it for today! Have an amazing today and don’t forget to create some positive change!

Let’s all be a Powered Crowd together!

100 Days to me: Episode 1

You might have read about my self help book challenge. If you haven’t check it out here It will explain how this all fits in which Powered Crowd. One thing I was seeing over and over again was to take time for yourself which is why I changed this challenge a bit. I will still be reading the books I had shown, I will still be following their advice word for word but I have changed it to make it a bit more broad.  Keep reading to find out what exactly has changed!

I know that at some point in out lives we all struggle with finding ourselves and being happy. For some of us this period is longer than others and for some like me It has lasted too long.

Have I tried to get out of this pattern that is keeping me from being myself and achieving my true potential? Yes of course but for some reason I keep self sabotaging myself and fall back into the same patterns. Each time I fall back into the pattern I get more unhappy, more obese, less and less myself.

Now I am writing this intro on the June 4th 2018 which will also be the start date of this adventure which I will explain of very shortly. (Don’t look skip ahead I’ll know and I promise it’s worth the wait.) The main thing that propelled me on this adventure is a Facebook video. (Facebook videos and light bulb moments seem to be a reoccurring theme for me but again more on that later.) I was scrolling through Facebook and saw that someone in one of my female entrepreneur groups was doing a live video. I listened to the first minute not intending to listen to the whole thing but I ended up not only watching the whole thing and commenting multiple times on the video but also messaging her afterwards to talk about the options she gave for her coaching business. Something in the video made me instantly think: She would be a good coach.

A couple days later I was on a Skype call with her and I liked her and her style of coaching but then we got to the prices. She was in the US I was in Canada and her prices in my currency came at the lowest of 4,000 for 30 days and the other options where closer to 6-7,000 $. Now she told me that investing in yourself is worth it and her site said that if it really is important to you the money won’t hold you back but I am sorry I did not (and still don’t today three weeks later) have enough money in my bank account for even the cheapest options. I told her exactly that and she deflated a little and recommended I look at her videos or read some self help books.

Now, do I think she is still a good coach? Yes, I think she is. Do I think a coach needs to charge that much money? No, I think it’s completely ridiculous. I would think the majority of people hire coaches if they are struggling and I don’t think that you should only get quality help if you have a lot of money. I am not saying coaches can’t set high prices but she told me she helped young women so I can’t help but think of the financial strain it must put on some people. But I digress, the point is, I literally could not afford her as a coach and after some research decided that most coaches had prices that I couldn’t afford. (which is not saying much because I am a broke student who invested a lot of money in her business)

So I took her advice, although probably not in the way she expected, and went to a local bookstore which I also work at and get a discount at and bought some self help books. Than I devised a plan, I would read these books and follow the advice word for word even if I thought it was stupid and then make up my mind after if it did help. My first thought was to document it on my blog and you might have seen updates on there every now and then but It then evolved to the book you are reading right now.

So what is this adventure I am embarking on June 4th 2018? Well I am going to document 100 days of me focusing on becoming “me” I will let myself do things I love, I will improve my physical health, I will increase my happiness and I won’t be doing it with an expensive coach. No, I will be doing it by following the exact advice from a self help books and documenting my progress throughout the 100 days. My goal is that I will be able to look back and see the progress but also that you, as a reader, can read this book and see the progression and effort it takes to make this big of a change and hopefully if you are struggling you can be encouraged to start your own journey.

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Until then be part of a Powered Crowd and create some positive change!

Happiness and Following the Exact Advice from a Self Help Book

So, I have found recently that I have been unhappy. Do I have a reason to be unhappy? Nope. I am incredibly blessed with a supportive family, a home, a job etc… Yet I am still unhappy. I have talked about how happiness is not about money and is actually fairly simple to find in day to day life if you have the right mindset. Which means I don’t think I have the right mindset, I have all the things I need to be happy but I am not. I am preventing myself from being happy.

If I have to be honest what I feel like is that there is a wall blocking me from being happy and as much as I bang on it and try to break it down it still won’t fall. Sometimes I get it to crack but then I sabotage myself and the cracks close up and I am back to the start. Let me give you an example, I start eating healthier because a healthier you ties in to a healthier mind and a better life. It goes well for a couple days and then I binge eat and I feel bad about myself, my mental health and self disappointment overcome me and I give up on eating healthy.

So how to break this wall that is closing me off from being happy? Well I watched a video on Youtube from a life coach and I just loved her style. I then got a free consultation call to talk about options and the cheapest one was around 2000 dollars for 30 days and the other options was around 4,000 dollars from 3 months or 6000 from 3 months. While I loved the coach I don’t have that kind of money. While we where ending the call I think she understood that there was no way I could afford even her cheapest option so she advised me to look at her online content and start a journey on my own with the help from online videos and self help books.

So I got to thinking, I want to be happier, and I have to do it on a budget. So what do I do? I will do something that used to make me happy and that I have been stopping myself from doing for no reason I can comprehend and It will hopefully give me some insight on how to be happy.

So what I decided to do was go the bookstore I work at and get a discount at, and buy some self help books. Yep the thing I used to love was reading and the thing I have stopped myself from doing for a while is letting myself read. Talk about self sabotage.

So how does this all tie in to Powered Crowd? Well one of the areas in which I want to create Positive change is in my personal life and again as is in Powered Crowds mission I want to encourage others to create positive change in their personal life as well. So what I will do is read a self help book and follow exactly what they tell me to do. I will document all this on this website and on my Youtube channel.

Is the advice in the self help book actually helpful? Will it help me achieve my goals or cause me anxiety? I guess for those answers all will be revealed with time. You will have to follow me on this journey to find out.

I hope by the end of this I will have learned more about how to help myself in my personal life and I also hope by documenting this journey I can save some time and energy for people who are looking at the best way to improve and “self- help” themselves by doing the hard work for you and giving you the facts and the tips and tricks I learned throughout this journey. I will be able to tell you what works and what doesn’t. In short I hope that by documenting this experiment I can help anyone out there who is struggling with similar things to me like self confidence, weight loss/health, mental health, happiness, how to achieve my goals, letting myself do the things I love etc..

After saying this I also think that discussion is key if we want to have a fuller picture of this following the self care books literally project I am doing. So please comment on the posts with your thoughts and ideas and engage in social media. You can use the #poweredcrowd on twitter and/or tag me @MayaLemaire . You can also tag me on Instagram @PoweredCrowd, comment on my Facebook page @poweredcrowd or comment on my Youtube channel which I have linked above.

So what books am I starting with? ( Note I am no way sponsored or payed to promote or read these books. If this ever changes throughout this experiment I will update this)

Firstly I want to work on my physical health ans self esteem so I will be reading:

  • Healthy is the New Skinny by Katie H.Willcox
  • Link to buy book here if you want to follow along
  • The book has 4 parts and I will be reading 1 part per week

Image result for Healthy is the New Skinny by Katie H.Willcox

The second book I will be reading is for all the other aspects I want to work on such as mental health, increasing happiness etc. The books name is:

  • 50 Ways to Yay by Alexis Panos
  • Link to buy book here if you want to follow along.
  • This book has 50 parts and exercises and I will be doing 2 parts or more a week depending on timing.

Image result for 50 Ways to Yay by Alexis Panos

So that’s about it! The first post will be tomorrow to show you my initial thoughts and from then on I will most likely do one post a week or more depending again and what’s going on with my schedule that week!

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Until next time be happy, be,YOUtiful and be part of Powered Crowd for positive change!