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Hello everyone,

I have been feeling unwell these past few days and still am and have falling behind on well… everything. But I am trying to catch back up and do some work in little chunks.

So today will be a bit of a shorter post on what’s been happening lately.

The big thing I guess would be the Muslim Ban. So many things coming up on social media about this a ban that makes no sens and causes so much pain and unnecessary problems for people trying to come in to the US many of them already had visas from what I understand. Yes taking immigrants in a country can have its risks I’m not going to lie but it also has so many rewards. And the fact that he banned those specific country’s! As I said having people immigrating to your country can cause risks but the risk with immigration isn’t tied to specific country’s a Canadian or American immigrating to another country can cause risks as well. Every country has its violent and extremist people(see mosque attack news below) and I know for a fact that people who are accepted to both Canada and the US have extensive screening before being allowed entry to the country and even more so if they are from countries which as deemed as “risk areas”. You can’t bunch a whole group of people together for the actions of the few and you can’t deny help to those who need it when you can provide it, with good safety measures, with no valid reason besides fear and improbable possibilities. That’s not a valid reason. Last point on the subject people that I have seen on twitter that are saying things such as your not American you have no say in the subject. Let me tell you that these decisions being made affect much more that just the US, it has global repercussions.

Canada’s prime minister said this on the subject:

Image courtesy of Twitter and @JustinTrudeau

Image courtesy of Twitter and @JustinTrudeau

Love this video which can be tied to this


Next news: Mosque Attack Quebec

This attack has been getting lots of attention on social media and news probably because it was right after the muslim ban. The biggest debate I see on this subject is that fact that this man who committed the crime is treated differently than people who are for example black or Muslim or any other ethnically or religious group which is under lots of scrutiny, because he is a white male.

I agree that there is a definite distinction. Everyone should be treated equally when a crime is committed and some articles I’ve seen where focusing on the fact that he was bullied and other things from his past which you never see in the cases of many other people who aren’t white.

Terrorism is defined on google as “the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.” What the mosque attacker did was just that, so it makes him a terrorist you can’t skim around that, because people who have done the same in the past who weren’t white where labelled terrorists instantly while this man to my knowledge is still not being addressed this way in most articles. It’s important to not show bias’s in these things because it can impair judgment and cause problems on top of the fact that its not right.

J.K Rowling puts it this way:

Image rights belong to Twitter and @jkrowling

Image rights belong to Twitter and @jk_rowling

This news below just saddens me. We need to act to stop hate crimes and intolerance or lack of respect to other people who are different than yourself.

CTV news “Hate Crimes Reports Spike Since Mosque Shooting:


A last thing that should get some media space is a new law happening in Russia. It basically is in a way decriminalizing domestic abuse. For more information on it check out this article here.


So much more going on this week and really good stories and facts coming out but I’m going to end it on this. Do some research get the facts, be open minded and try to practice tolerance, respect, kindness. Let’s all work together to make a powered crowd for positive social change!

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