International Women’s day 2017

Hello everyone. Last week it was international Women’s day.

An important day in my opinion. Considering how there’s still much to do in order to achieve gender equality. To do that we need both men and women to work together to create a place where everyone has equal rights and opportunities.

On March 8th (Women’s day) I had an amazing opportunity to go to an event where Madame Sophie Gregoire Trudeau and Caroline Riseboro (President of Because I am a girl organization) spoke about issues facing Women. We had many interesting discussion but one main thing I took out of it is the idea of being proud of who you are. To not be afraid of sharing your story and how doing just that can help others and yourself. At the end of the event everyone had to make a statement of what they where going to do going forward. I said I would share my story and I did just that. I took my courage and posted my story on social media. Link here :

I have gotten some great response from it so far and it seems to have already made some positive impact. I am sharing it here to share the message it represents. Of being proud of who you are and show everyone some kindness and understanding. I also hope it will show those who have gone through similar things that they are not alone, that there is always a something good to strive toward in order to push through. That there is always a lesson to learn that you can use to make a brighter future for yourself and others.

So to finish this short post I want everyone to think of what they can do to promote equality for all think about the power of stories and remember that International Women’s day has past but our efforts for the causes it represents is something that needs to be thought of and acted on in our every day life.

Be part of a Powered Crowd and create some positive change!

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