New Segment Intro- Message from another walk of like

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to introduce a new feature that will be starting very shortly. This feature will be called Message from Another Walk of Life.

What is that exactly you may ask? Well one issue I see more and more often in our world is a lack of understanding and respect about differences. This is a real issue as this problem leads to conflicts and disputes. Problems stemming from lack of understanding and respect can get ugly.

The world we live in is big, even though social media and modern technology makes it look smaller, and in this world there is so many different kinds of people. I think diversity is a great thing. It makes the world so much richer. A world where everyone was the same would be seriously lacking in my opinion. So this segment aims to show different opinions, beliefs, cultures, ways of life etc… in order to get people to open their mind toa different way of doing things and learn to try to understand others no matter how they may differ from you.

While reading these posts please keep in mind that I asking you to agree or even support what all these people are talking about, but simply I am asking you to practice respect,understanding and kindness. We are all human and no one is perfect, its difficult to instantly respect someone else’s point of view if is varies from their own but my wish for this segment is that people try to consciously change that, by becoming aware of their prejudices and by trying to see where the other person is coming from. As I already said, If you don’t agree that is completely ok! As long as you try to understand and respect the other person’s opinion. Because as a human we won’t always agree with everyone, everyone has their different views (which is one form of diversity) but if we all try to be more understanding and address these differences with respect I feel this could drastically reduce conflicts.

So now you know what this segment is about and why I am doing it. I think that it would be good to show you a video that demonstrates why a world without diversity would suck. I first saw this video when I was much much much younger and yet it stuck with me. When I saw this video I had never thought of things that way. The video opened my eyes to a knew way of seeing things which is what I am hoping this segment will be doing for you too.

This clip here is a bit long and not all of it is relevant but it is fun to watch. It comes from a show I watched as a child and like I said, it describes the issue of diversity well.

I hope you, dear readers, will enjoy this upcoming segment. Until then you can work on the values of understanding, kindness and respect in your everyday life and be part of a Powered Crowd!

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