International Day of Happiness

Today is international day of happiness.

This could mean many different things to many different people. To me this is a day to promote happiness in yourself by letting go of the bad letting yourself be happy by doing things you love and things that make you smile. This day is also about spreading happiness to others even if it’s just in the simple act of making someone smile which will make their day just that much better.

Because of this my goal for today is to make as many people smile as I can. I will be posting updates on Twitter and a final tally on this post either tonight of tomorrow. I encourage others to do the same, create some smiles today and make sure you let me know in any of my social media platforms how many smiles you manage to do!

Until then I will leave you with two videos and picture that make me happy. Hopefully they will make you smile too!

This one is in honor of the popular movie coming out. One of my childhood favorites. Skip to 3:15 if your low on time. I just love how they scream “CARS!” at the end of every scene.

This next video is Benedict Cumberbatch trying to say Penguins. It make me laugh so hopefully it will do the same for you! I am pretty sure everyone has that one word they can’t say so I can completely relate! Skip to 3:15 to see the penguin part.

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And here is a funny picture:

Picture taken from:

Picture taken from:

Have a good day everyone! Get out there and create some smiles and positive change and be part of a Powered Crowd!


I finished the day with 16 smiles! More than 3/4 of them from strangers. This was succeeded by the following: Paying for the coffee of the person before me, complements, telling family members why I loved them,giving a helping hand with picking things up etc…

I loved doing this and will have to do it again soon. I try everyday to spread smiles but doing this challenges you to be creative and look at things in a new way. For example smiling at a store clerk is so easy but not many people do it. Take a look around and see the multiple opportunities to share some smiles!

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