Happy Canada day and be safe?

Today is Canada day! It’s an exciting year since Canada is celebrating 150 years! There is a lot planned today and I am really excited to go and see the festivities. However, this year Canada Day has made me question some things.

Picture taken in Newfoundland. Love my country!

Picture taken in Newfoundland. Love my country!

First of all, what is Canada day? This might seem like an obvious question to some but when I thought about it I realized that the answer is only obvious to the individual. Let me explain. To me Canada Day is a day I spend with family, a day that I get to go out and see and be part of a wonderful atmosphere, a day that I say I am proud to be from Canada.

To others Canada day is a day to party hard, to new immigrants from war torn countries its a day to be thankful to be in a country that is not at war, to some Canada day is a day to show their patriotic pride or even a day to complain about the current government and then we also have the very important group of indigenous people who are saying that Canada day is an insult because they have been here for much much longer than 150 years.

I think all these views of Canada day are valid. In fact, I think all these views are essential. Because Canada, in my opinion is strong because of it’s diversity. Canada day might not mean the same thing to everyone but most citizens and Canadian residents can all agree on one thing, that we live on one amazing piece of land.

We have the opportunity to make a great future for all that live on this land, right now, right here and we should continue to strive for that in coming years. No matter if you side with the year 150 for this country or not ,we all share it and we all need to work together to make Canada all that it can be.

In short, Canada day for me is being accepting of all views in this country, whether you agree with them or not. Canada day is spreading the kindness that most associate with our country. It’s embracing who you are and raising your voice for your beliefs.

Canada day is a day to remember that it’s our Canada and that if we work together we can make some positive change that will benefit as many people as possible.

On a side note. Has anyone noticed a recurring trend this year? It seems to me that I have been hearing a slight variation on the ‘have a good/happy Canada day’. The majority of people wishing me a good weekend and a happy Canada day have all added this phrase in various manors ‘Have a safe Canada Day’ ‘Happy Canada day, Be safe’. When did this start? Since when do we have to emphasize ‘be safe’ on a day that is supposed to be a happy celebration. Since when do people have to go to festivities downtown with a bit of a nagging fear in their gut that something might happen, like it did in Manchester or Paris. Now more than ever it’s important to spread that acceptance of other cultures and beliefs and to also spread some kindness.

With that I wish everyone (and I mean everyone) who wants to celebrate Canada Day a happy day. and unfortunately I just wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t add be safe, not just because of the scary possibilty of something happening that we see on the news but also because those crowds are going to be CRAZY! Have you seen the picture of the line up that is set up? It zig zags up three blocks. I am serious, there is picture proof. I did hear that they will be putting buskers along the line up so it won’t be too bad for people who decide to go.

Ok now for real have a good day everyone!

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