We Day Canada 2017

Hello everyone,

Most of you know of Canada day. But this year I was almost more excited for We day. Also know as the day after Canada day.

We day is a movement where young people need to volunteer their hours in order to go to this big event full of inspiring people and celebrities.

This day however was free to everyone but still had all the celebrities and inspiring speeches. It was in honor of Canada celebrating 150 years and all the guests where Canadians.

It really was a great experience being there and also a lot of fun.

Here is a video I made with a recap of some of the events.

Events like this and One Young World are so amazing and it just inspires me to do more than I already do! Speaking of which I have some plans for the future of this blog which I will be announcing fairly soon!

The hardest part with starting a project to help others is starting. I have thought of big ideas and smaller ideas. But it always seemed either too big of a project or not big enough. I have decided that all I need to do is start and who knows where that start big or small project will lead me.

I encourage you, dear readers, to find a cause or think about what you care about and start from there. There is no idea too small or too big. The point is that everyone needs to start somewhere and then you will see where it leads. If you are passionate about helping others don’t let the questions of how big the effect will be hold you down. If you help one person that is already so much better than helping none.

So keep that in mind and share some kindness and understanding. Be part of a powered crowd!

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