10 Challenges To Do During La Machine Ottawa

As part of the Canada 150 celebrations we have a giant Monster Spider and Monster Dragon roaming the streets of the national capital. When I am writing this part of the post, I haven’t seen the show yet but I have seen them practice at a nearby museum.

Practice Dragon

Practice Dragon

Practice spider

Practice spider

I will be going to see the show downtown later today and I thought I would do a different post than usual and start by my predictions for the day and later tell you what happened. Today it will be 30 degrees Celsius without the humidex and about 10,000 people have showed up to past shows. I feel like it will be a bit crazy and maybe a bit overwhelming because of the amount of people and that hot and sticky weather.

I know personally that I am not the best in the middle of huge crowds and not the best with heat as well my doctor ordered me to do nothing this weekend and rest because I have been feeling under the weather for over 2 weeks now. ( I am kind of breaking that rule oops)

Where I am going with this? Well all these factors make it so I am predicting some challenges for me today in how I will be in my mood or patience. So I decided in a Powered Crowd fashion to give myself a challenge in order to turn these obstacles in my way of a good time into something positive and fun. In my opinion everything is in how you look at it and if I am predicting a bad day it will be a bad day but if I give myself some incentive to look at the positive than it can easily change things around.

So without further ado here are my challenges for the day which I will report on later.

1.Take an awesome picture with the Dragon or the Spider.

2. Take a selfie with the mechanical creatures.

3. Assist one person in need of help. ( they need directions,they are stuck in the crowd etc.)

4.Make one person smile.

5. Give one compliment.

6.Take a breather when I (you) need space.

7. Do something silly for no reason. (dance to the music, sing with a busker etc.)

8. Give 50 cents or more to a busker or homeless person.

9. Eat something you have never tried before OR eat something you don’t usually eat.

10. HAVE FUN. This seems like an obvious one but everyone needs a reminder once in a while.

So there they are, my challenges for the day. I love doing this because it gives me a goal for the day and it also gives me something to do to take my mind off the things around me that make me feel a bit tense or anxious. On top of that it gives me some ideas of how to be part of a powered crowd and spread some kindness at the same time I enjoy the show and have fun.

Feel free to borrow these challenges if like me, crowds and heat get to you, or if you just want something fun to add to your day. If you do borrow these please tag me on social media, comment below or use the hashtag #poweredcrowd !

I will be posting part two a bit later on so stay tuned for that!

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