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Looking at the news these days, I can’t help but feel a bit sad, but I also feel more motivated, motivated to keep spreading my message of understanding, kindness, working together to help others, having equal rights for all.

I know for me it’s a bit hard not to feel overwhelmed with everything going on. Yes it’s in another country, yes it’s not directly affecting me most of the time, but that’s never an excuse. We are in a globalized world and something that happens in the another country, even if its across the world, is in some way related and tied to me as well.

Let’s start with an example of this fact, namely the Charlottesville rally for white supremacists. This event is just beyond words in my opinion, and not in a good way. We are in 2017 but it almost seems like we are back in the 1940’s during the Second World War, or even in 1962 during the Cuban missile crisis (I will get back to that later). I saw pictures of the rally where people are holding Nazis signs and a video of people chanting against Jewish people, and people chanting other racist things. How is it that 77 years after the Second World War we still have people celebrating the horrendous events of the at Second World War?

Waving these flags these people are supporting a movement led by someone like Hitler. How can people forget that this Nazi movement created the Holocaust which led to millions of deaths. One study says 11 million were killed and 6 million of those were Jewish people.( ) Another study says that 20 million people were killed( No matter which study is right, that is a lot of people! I don’t understand who would proudly wave the flag that represents this. How can anyone want to go back there?

There are lots of questions, things I don’t fully comprehend. All I know is that I have to state that I am against this thought that white people are superior. Every human being deserves equal rights. No one human, culture, or religion, or ethnicity is better than another.

Now I go back to the main point above. This happened in the USA. How does it affect me? There are multiple ways it affects. Number one, people who are of the same skin colour as me (white) are spouting that this makes them better. When in my opinion it’s simply a colour, it doesn’t make anyone better or worse. Being of this same skin colour, I need to say that I do not agree. It’s similar to people who are Muslim and are standing up and saying, some people are using my religion to back their terrorism but they do not represent us all. It’s an important distinction that people need to know. The actions of a few do not reflect the many, or in an extreme case, the actions of the many do not reflect the all. But luckily we are not there at the moment.

Secondly it affects me because for one, it’s in the neighbouring country to mine (Canada) and if things get out of hand there you can bet that it will spread across the border. In fact, it’s already happening. I have read in the news that, while they don’t think the numbers are as high as in the USA, there are some people trying to organize a White Supremacy rally here in Canada as well. (

Lastly, it affects me because, as I mentioned earlier, we are a global world and having something like that happening right “next door” in a neighbouring country or even anywhere in world, it still needs to be denounced. I have read that some people are saying that ignoring these acts of violence, disrespect and hate towards other people who have done nothing to deserve it, is almost a crime. In my mind, it makes me think to a lesser scale of a bully and someone getting intimidated. If you see someone being bullied, you just stand there you and say nothing. If you say nothingyou are a part of the bullying. If you see a crime being committed and you can stop it and you don’t, doesn’t the law make you an accomplice? I don’t encourage anyone to jump in the middle of a fight or protest in any unsafe manner, but simple acts like stating “I stand for equal rights for all”, or “I denounce hate and violence” can do wonders. Going back to the example of bullying, someone who goes to get the teacher or who starts talking to the person being bullied in a friendly manner until the bully leaves can be just as much of a hero as the one who tells the bully to back off.

Now on to the second news event that’s making me sad, The North Korean threats of launching missiles. I hadn’t been worrying too much about this until I saw something my friend posted on Facebook on the subject. It made me research it more and wow, things are tense! Some people are saying a missile is not very likely and they could shoot a missile down if it comes to it, but I don’t like to see posts of Kim Jong Un being briefed on a potential US target. Threats are being thrown back and forth between Trump and Kim Jong Un. All in all it doesn’t look great.

This goes back to my mention of it looking like the Cuban Missile Crisis except there is one main difference here. My parents tellstories of doing bomb practices and hiding under desks. In the event of a missile, especially a nuclear missile, hiding under a desk will do next to nothing.

A teacher once told me if the Third World War is fought with nuclear power then the Fourth World War will be fought with sticks and stones. I think he was quoting someone but I don’t remember who. Either way, it always stuck with me. We are at a point in technology that a war would be disastrous to everyone no matter if directly involved in the fighting or not. Nuclear warfare would destroy everything. To put thing in perspective the atomic bomb used in World War 2 leveled cities caused widespread destruction (see image) and killed in hundred thousands. The atomic bomb, according to this article, are more than 3,000 times more powerful( will leave this issue with this quote from Einstein: “Mankind invented the atomic bomb but no mouse would ever construct a mousetrap.”

I do not own the rights to this photo

I do not own the rights to this photo

Needless to say that the idea of the USA and North Korea exchanging bombs can be scary. So what do we do? Well some USA comedians and late night hosts are making jokes out of it. Some are speaking up; I have seen a picture of someone with a protest sign against this conflict. But apart from spreading awareness and trying to send messages or tolerance, love, kindness, and peace, there is not much someone can do but hope for the best. No one has the power to read minds and know what is really going on behind the scenes or in the heads of people in power on both sides.

So there is a lot going on (that’s an understatement! I haven’t even gotten into the multiple other things going on in the world right now…) but in my mind that just reinforces the idea that we need to spread kindness, spread understanding, and more than ever stand up for what is right, for equal rights for all humans and for trying peace over violence. So let’s be a powered crowd for positive change.

I know this was a heavy post so I will finish with one of the good things happening in the world. Because, while there is this scary and huge negative movement going on, there are also so many people aiming for happiness, for kindness, and for positive change. It’s important to remember all the good in the world. Here is a video I saw about a group of touring artists helping kids be kids in Syrian refugee camps. It makes me so happy and reminds me that kids are kids, we were all kids once. Someone once told me that kids all start out happy and kind, it’s life that changes us. It also makes me think that when you are down or feeling negative life also has the tools to bring you back up. So here is the video. Until next time be part of that powered crowd!

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