Powered crowd: Helping Hand

I have been trying so hard lately to find a project that I can start working on. You might have seen my previous post on the tutoring project or the post on the share your story project.

I think I am still trying to start too big. So I have put those two projects on hold, maybe forever and I am going to start small.

My big issue is that I don’t have a specific cause. I want to help everyone everywhere. Of course that is impossible to do alone and at this stage of my journey.

So I am going back to this blogs purpose and name Powered Crowd. I will start by finding one person in need of help. I will help this person than move on to help another person. Eventually this model may grow or change but the point is that I am helping people even if it’s one at a time. As the name Powered Crowd suggests I am hoping to show through this goal the benefits of helping others and hopefully encourage people to join me on this goal.

When I help the people I help I won’t be asking anything in exchange. All I will ask is that that person does something kind to someone else, when they have the means or the time. A bit like the pay it forward system,l help one person who helps, someone else who help someone else etc… hopefully it will start a chain of acts of Kindness. That is my goal at the moment.

Who knows what this projects will bring. All I know is that this could be a good place to start. I will be posting on the people I help and how I went about it.

Keep check in for that!

Until then be part of a powered crowd and spread some kindness!

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