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Hello everyone,

Earlier I posted on some sad things going on in the world. So now I am going to post on some things I think are just awesome!

Firstly this event that happened in Germany. While it’s not good that people there were having a neo-nazis march, the way that these locals handled it was amazing. After trying counter marches and legal actions and a whole bunch of other things that didn’t work they started a very cool idea. Fighting hate with love! These people donated 10 euros for every metre these neo-nazis walked. The money went to anti-extremist organizations. They made in into an event, hung posters that congratulated them on giving to charity, they even gave out free bananas to the marchers so they could make it to the end of the march. This is a great idea, a form of protest against the march that helps others. More information here, as well as a video: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/nov/18/neo-nazis-tricked-into-raising-10000-for-charity

Next up, after the events at Charlottesville there has been many people speaking up in the US and other places. I have a couple favorite responses.

There is this one by Arnold schwarzenegger : https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/onpolitics/2017/08/19/arnold-schwarzenegger-has-message-president-trump-terminate-hate/582966001/

This video has some valid points

This one by Tina Fey:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMnHcEGRWoA

I am not sure about everything she says but the comedy is pretty good.

This one by Jimmy Fallon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9TJsw67OmE

I like how he addresses the younger generation and teaching them kindness

I also really liked how there was a peaceful march on the same place where the white supremacist people walked in Charlottesville, in order to counter their message. (http://www.cnn.com/2017/08/17/us/university-of-virginia-vigil/index.html ) The images are beautiful and I don’t think there has been enough coverage of this event. There is also this clip below where they sing lean on me. I love this! https://www.instagram.com/p/BX4N7WmgSs5/

Now in Canada my home country there is some counter marches as well,because as I told you in a post last week white supremacists in Canada are encouraged by the events in the states and are holding marches here as well. These counter marches have happened in Vancouver, I know there is some more planned. One of those in Ottawa this Wednesday.

One last happy news is from Nepal. They now criminalized the practice of sending women into exile while on their periods.(http://time.com/4904293/nepal-criminalizes-period-huts/) I didn’t even know this was something that was happening. Honestly I find it a bit ridiculous. (I wonder who started this practice hmmm.) Periods are nothing to be ashamed about, they are a pain but a normal part of a women’s life. Periods are something that need to have less stigma associated with it. I kind of see it a bit like the not so ancient custom where if a women would show her ankle in a man’s presence she would be thought indecent or a scoundrel. Women today, maybe not all but many (I know I was in this category) are afraid to say, hey I have my period. It shouldn’t be something taboo. We go through it every month and talking about it should be considered a norm.

When Periods are something that are shunned or not talked about many things can happen. In countries like Canada,the United States, Great Britain etc… we have access to internet and book and people who are loud and unashamed to talk about all the things your body does and can do. But in countries like Nepal or other countries who are less open some girls do not learn about what happens after puberty, some girls don’t learn about how to take care of those things (i.e periods) and that can cause serious issues. Not only in the hygiene department or the pregnancy department but in the extreme cases where girls are forced into exile during their periods like in Nepal it can lead to death. This article below talks a bit about this. (https://www.positive.news/2017/society/28863/emerging-dark-ending-stigma-around-periods/)

All this to say I am glad they took a step toward a society where periods are less stigmatized and If any girl reading this thinks periods are something to be ashamed of be confident that it’s simply a normal bodily function. Inform yourself on it as it will help you to stay healthy and learn how all this stuff works.

If you don’t keep yourself informed you will end up like this guy: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/teenage-meninist-sparks-fury-anti-9067035 I think quite a few girls might get a chuckle from this or you will get upset and demand that periods and their stigma be changed once and for all!

One more thing that isn’t exactly news and won’t have much weight if you are not living in Ottawa is a new store that has opened called Nu grocery. It’s Ottawa’s first zero waste grocery store! I think this is just a great thing! It makes me realize how many people are out there striving for positive change. Here is their website: http://nugrocery.com/

So there it is. Some positive things I have found in the last couple weeks that I thought I would share.

Until next time. Be part of a Powered Crowd for positive change!

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