Short Story – Far isn’t so far

The other day through a group of people I am part of we had a discussion with someone who is a refugee. I am trying to give as little details as possible as to keep this persons confidentiality.

This person shared their story and it really hit me. This person was so positive and had such great goals to change the hardships they lived.

What that person said really hit me. You hear about what is happening with refugees fleeing different countries around the world , you hear it on the news, on social media, in newspapers ect.. But to have someone who is around your age talk so openly about what they have been through in a small group setting it really makes the issue so much more real. It made me think more than ever on how the world is so much smaller nowadays with modern transport and communication tools and we really need to put some effort into helping people who do not have the same advantages as we do.

That person also said something that I think is really important( I am paraphrasing here by what I can remember) “I don’t feel sad about the past because it happened but I now need to move forward. You can get stuck in the past because people who do get sick. So it’s best to look forward at what you can do.” I think this is such an important message as it shows the power of positivity. It’s sometimes hard to resist falling into harmful memories of the past, sometimes it is necessary to revisit them in order to overcome them but whenever that happens I will think of what this person said and gear myself back to the future and the goals I have in mind.

I want to encourage a Powered crowd to grow and create positive change. I want to create positive change and I know it is all possible if I look towards hope, look towards the future and look towards my goals. Because as a friend once told me, it is easier to look run towards a goal than to run away from something you don’t want.

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