Champions of Change club orientation weekend

This weekend I had to opportunity to go to a Champions of Change club orientation weekend, as the blog post name suggests. 😉 What is that exactly? Well, it was a gathering of girls across Canada who are part of the Champions of Change clubs. Champions of Change clubs are an initiative by Plan Canada’s Because I am a Girl movement and they strive for the goal of Gender equality.

I a part of the University of Ottawa’s club for a little while now and am part of the exec team this year. Being part of the club is an amazing experience, not only have I had amazing opportunities from the club and the Because I am a Girl initiative but I have also met some amazing people that inspire everyday. Now anyone can start a club at their high school or university. (more information here if you want to start your own club or learn more about Because I am a girl )


We discussed many things during the weekend but the two main points I took from it was a)Male involvement and b)the real definition of gender equality.

Let’s look at both these points in a bit more detail…

A) Male involvement.

When we hear about movements on gender equality especially when those movements have names with a women centered focus like because I am a girl those, we think it’s solely a girl issues. And I mean it is a girl/women issue but it’s also a boy issue. Gender equality mean girls and boys having the same rights and this isn’t possible if both girls and boys work together towards that goal This weekend we talked of this approach and on how we can get men more involved. We also talked about how while women do face many inequalities here in Canada and abroad men also face some inequalities and pressures to look a certain way and act a certain way.

It was a good way to get back in focus and think it’s not a matter of Boys vs Girls but of the two sides working together.

B)The real definition of gender equality

Another thing that we discussed is the difference between sex and gender. One being biological and one being how one self identifies. This being said gender equality includes everyone not just people who self identify as Male of female. We learned about the long list of diverse terms that people can self identify as and me being someone who strives to see equality for everyone and who works towards spreading kindness and understanding was really interested in how there was much more self identifying terms than I thought there was.

To close up this blog post I want to mention a bit of round up on what else was done. We did some group games and trainings we learned about initiatives in Canada and in other countries that Because I am a Girl was working on, we learned about facilitation, fundraising and getting more people involved and aware of what was happening in the world and the list goes on.

I am so happy to have participated in this weekend and I met some amazing girls and women who are so kind and passionate about making a difference. It makes me think of the big group of us who are passionate to make positive change. I encourage all of you out there who are reading this to be part of a powered crowd for positive change. Join the conversation on my social media or use the hashtag #poweredcrowd!

Until next time be kind, understanding and lets create positive change!

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