Blogmas Day 1- Introduction to 25 Days of Kindness

Hello everyone!

Today is the first day of December and the first day of Blogmas! Blogmas for those who don’t know is similar to vlogmas on youtube. It’s basically a goal to post something on your blog everyday in the month of December. While most people might be doing Christmas themed posts such as gift guides and decoration tricks (which are great and I will be following those as well) I decided to do it Powered Crowd style!

What does that mean? Well I am going to set a goal to do an act of kindness everyday until December 25th and I will be blogging about them everyday. My hope is that you, dear readers, will join me to see how I achieve those goals everyday but also join me in doing an act of kindness every day until December 25th.


Picture taken on a calm winter morning

This year I have had a couple of events that made me reflect on Christmas. When I was younger the presents were the main appeal to Christmas as it is for most children if I dare say. As I grew up I learned that Christmas was more about spending time with family and the spirit of Christmas which to me is being kind and helpful to others in need, it’s seeing communities coming together so that everyone can enjoy a happy holiday.

While I am not a saint and still love receiving gifts on Christmas, I do my best to make sure I do my part in helping others be able to receive a little something in the Christmas time. I won’t say much more as you will see a couple of things I usually do or am trying to do this year throughout the month!

Lastly I just want to address the fact that not everyone celebrates Christmas which is completely Ok! Diversity is what makes the world great! I do think however that kindness is universal, so if you want to participate even if you don’t celebrate Christmas or even use these acts of kindness to promote your culture or religion please feel free to do so!

I would be so happy for everyone to participate in this 25 days of kindness initiative. Use #poweredcrowd on twitter or comment on my blog, Facebook page and Instagram. I will retweet all the wonderful acts of good and maybe feature some on my blog as well!

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  2. What a lovely idea! How did your 25 days of kindness go?

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