Blogmas day 3 – 25 days of kindness

Day three! So far so good. How is everyone else doing?

Today’s act of Kindness as to open the door for someone else. Pretty easy but it can be very helpful and I feel like less and less people do it these days. So here is how my day went!

I only managed to this once today as it was a stay at home and do chores kind of day. But I did go out for a little Christmas party at my grandfathers home. It was quite interesting. My grandfather has Alzheimer’s and is at the point where he is pretty much non-verbal and always sleeping. Everyone in that home are in similar stages of their personal battles. So while there was a singer there wasn’t much engagement or singing along.

Not really related. But it is christmasy.

Not really related. But it is christmasy.

The singer was really good though and it put me in the Christmas spirit. I feel like just seeing all these people coming to see their loved ones and the one lady in the home mouthing the words was just heart warming. Everyone was helping each other out and it was great to see. I also might be imagining this but I felt like the residents of the home where happy. They might not understand what is going on but some part of them somewhere knows that this is for them and the Christmas spirit is alive and well. I saw that in my grandfather too, he didn’t know who I was, he fell asleep four times in the hour long party but some part of me still thinks he had a good time and liked seeing family there.

So there we go an inexplicable feeling of Christmas in an unlikely place. Getting back to the challenge I held the door open for my grandmother and uncle as they walked in to see my grandfather so that counts!

As always let me know how you did! Here is tomorrows challenge:

text three friends or even just people you know and wish them a good day

I hope you had a lovely day! See you tomorrow!

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