Blogmas Day 4 – 25 days of Kindness

Day four! Today the goal takes a bit more effort than the other acts of kindness. Still not hard though. (I will do my best to make sure the acts of Kindness are always very easy to achieve in order to show that being kind doesn’t need to take a lot of work!) The goal today is to text three friends or even just people you know and wish them a good day. You can use social media but if you do it will be kind of similar to another act of kindness I have planned.

Image taken here: all credit goes to them

Image taken here: all credit goes to them

Ok so here is how I did:

You might see that this post is up very very early today. This is because this one is pretty fast to do. Just this morning I texted 8 people to wish them a good day or just ask how they were. It not only made some people happy (I hope) but it is also a way to remind me to talk to people I haven’t talked to in a while. I have been having some good conversations!

Let me know how you do today!

Here is tomorrows goal: 

sending out cards (To friends, family or people who are lonely or sick)

See you again tomorrow!

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