Blogmas day 5 – 25 Days of Kindness

Day 5! This one might be already done by some but it is sending out cards. There is something special about receiving a handwritten card. The fact that someone took the time to think of you and effort put into making and sending a card is almost always appreciated. For this one there is options, you can send a card to a family member or friend or if that is already done or not possible you can also send some cards to sick children who are most likely going to spend the holidays in the hospital. Here is the link her is you are interested in that a quick google search will bring more companies as well. I have seen some In the UK, US and Canada.

Here is how it went for me:

I decided to write cards to family members. I haven’t done that before so I thought it would be fun to do. I wrote three cards and they were all for my grandparents. I feel like when you are blessed with having grandparents when many people don’t at my age(21) you should appreciate every moment you have with them.

So here is a picture of the cards I chose!


I took some time to fill them with kind words and drawings( because I love to doodle) and it was really relaxing and fun!


Once that was all done I had the satisfaction of putting them in the mail box and imagining the smile my grandparents faces when they receive it!


So that is how my day went. How was yours?

Here is tomorrows challenge!

Buy a coffee(or something small) for the person behind you

See you tomorrow! Until then be kind and part of a Powered Crowd!

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  1. This is such an amazing thing to do this holiday season. Sending out cards can be a bit of hard work but the effort totally pays off when we realize how happy those at the receiving ends would be! Loved the challenge you add at the end of the post; it’s a great way to encourage more such acts of kindness <3

  2. This is such a lovely post! I totally agree on how relaxing writing out cards can be. It can be quite some hard work but the effort totally pays off when we know those at the receiving ends would be immensely happy. Sending out cards is an amazing thing to do this holiday season. Loved the challenge you give at the end of the post; it certainly encourages little acts of kindness <3

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