Blogmas Day 7 – 25 Days of Kindness

Today on day 7 the goal is to give four people a compliment. You can go easy and tell a compliment to people you know or you can challenge yourself and give a compliment to four strangers!

Here is how I did:

Well today started off with an unexpected act of kindness. I was watching TV as I made breakfast and saw that a local TV station was picking up food donations. The person picking them up was one of the hosts of a morning show and he also used to be a football player for the Ottawa Red Blacks which one the Grey cup when he was quarter back! So I got some canned food which I hadn’t touched for a long time and didn’t need and dropped it off and even got a photo with Henri Burris the Tv show host. So that was fun!

IMG_20171207_084607_01 IMG_20171207_084243 IMG_20171207_083951

No onto the challenge. I definitely surpassed the compliment goal but not by a lot as I was mostly indoors all day working on a final assignment for university. The compliments varied from but they were mostly clothes related, I like your hat, wow what a nice purse etc… ( I kept blanking on what I could say) the only one who varied a bit was a compliment to my tutoring student on her good work. I don’t know If that counts though because I always encourage my tutoring students when they do well.

How did you do?

Here is tomorrows goal:

Donate something you don’t need (clothes, toys,jewellery etc..)

That’s all for now. Until next time be part of a powered crowd for positive change!

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  1. That is a brilliant idea of a challenge, I love the thought of everyone feeling better by complimenting people & it boosting someone else!

  2. This is a great challenge. Compliments can absolutely make someone’s day, whether they know it or not, admit or not. Love it!

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