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So today I am doing a bit of a different post. I have been being more active on twitter and I have started to discover some amazing blogs! So many of these people are passionate about what they write about and have fabulous dreams and goals. There’s also people who advocate for things like mental health or who share their stories or struggles in life. In short I am loving what I am seeing some great positive people out there hoping to help others.

So how does this relate to today’s post? Well I partnered with Pella who has her blog here and we decided to do a 12 questions of Christmas list. We encourage all of you reading this to join in and let us know your answers. You will find the first 6 questions here on my blog and the next 6 questions on her blog.

Like I said it’s not my usual post but I thought I would share a bit about myself and do something slightly different. But don’t you fret my regular posts will be back to normal after this one. Hopefully this post will give you a bit more of a glimpse of who I am. 🙂

1. Which is your favorite store to shop at during Christmas time?

I don’t necessarily have a favorite store. I always just shop for the deals or for the specific person I have in mind!

2. Favorite Christmas candy?

I don’t know of many Christmas candies. But I love the Terry’s chocolate orange. I don’t know if it’s Christmas specific but I used to only get one at Christmas. I also like mint so candy canes are a favorite too, one year I found these wintergreen candy canes and they were so amazing! I never found them again sadly.

Taken from:https://www.mightyape.co.nz/product/terrys-chocolate-orange-157g/23042336

Taken from:https://www.mightyape.co.nz/product/terrys-chocolate-orange-157g/23042336

3. One place you want to visit at Christmas time?

Me and my family have a tradition to go and see taffy lane. It’s basically just a street in Ottawa named taffy lane where everyone on the street goes all out on Christmas decorations! At first it was a local secret but recently it’s bee getting press and there is a line of cars there on Christmas eve of people just wanting to see this neighborhood street.

Taken from: http://ottawacitizen.com/life/style/our-ottawa/deachmans-holidaze-the-christmas-lights-of-ottawas-taffy-lane

Taken from: http://ottawacitizen.com/life/style/our-ottawa/deachmans-holidaze-the-christmas-lights-of-ottawas-taffy-lane

4. Favorite Christmas book?

I used to love reading but I haven’t red much in a long while. Something I have started is reading “A Boy Called Christmas by Matt Haig” throughout December, me and a friend have a fixed number of pages to read everyday and we make it last until Christmas eve. It’s a children’s book but it’s so happy and actually quite good. It gets me in the Christmas spirit every time! This year there is a sequel so me and my friend are reading that instead!

Taken from: https://publishingperspectives.com/2017/10/rights-canongate-matt-haig-frankfurt/

Taken from: https://publishingperspectives.com/2017/10/rights-canongate-matt-haig-frankfurt/

5. Least favorite thing about Christmas?

It would probably have to be the long list of to do’s or the anticipation to see someones reaction when they open the gift you bought them. I always have trouble not just blurting what I got someone early!

6. Most favorite thing about Christmas?

There are two top things for me. The first is what I call Christmas spirit. Basically people helping each other out and being kind. I feel like during this time people tend to be more kindhearted ( most of the time let’s not talk black friday/boxing day shopping) and there is just this magical quality in the air.

The second thing would be time with family and friends and a break from the stress of life. For a couple days time is suspended in happy memories and time with loved ones. I know I am blessed to have this because many people don’t have this luxury. Because of this I make sure I really take the time to appreciate it. I also make sure that I help out when I can in ways such as donating, volunteering etc. so that as many people as possible can have happy Christmas memories.

So what did you think? Do you give back during the holidays?

Don’t forget to check out Pella’s post and her blog here.

Until then have a happy Christmas time. Or month of December for those who don’t celebrate Christmas and take some time for yourself!

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