Blogmas day 8 – 25 days of kindness

Day 8! Today’s act of kindness is donating things you don’t need. I am sure everyone ( except for people who are homeless or of very low income) have something they can donate. An old shirt. An old toy, some stationary, an old pen? Anything goes even those small shampoo bottles given at hotel are in need at some homeless and women shelters.

The goal is to give at least one thing. My goal is to give 5 things!

T his is how I did:

I have been collecting things for a little while now so I had small box full of things to bring! (see picture) I dropped it off and at first the women at the desk of the community help center was skeptical. “We don’t accept used toys” she said. I showed her the box and her face light up. “Thank you” she said. I think she was really happy with it!


How did you do?

Here is tomorrows challenge:

Thank a teacher or someone who has helped you recently

See you tomorrow! Until then be part of a powered crowd for positive change!

Here is a last little fun idea that is related to this: Have you heard of the reverse advent calendar? For people who are fortunate in their way of life you can have a box and find one thing a day to give away instead of receiving something everyday.

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