Blogmas day 9 – 25 days of kindness

Today is day 9! So if you have been following these post you might know that today’s kindness challenge was supposed to be “Thank a teacher or someone who has helped you recently” That was my goal for today but things didn’t go as planned. However I did do 2 acts of kindness today so read ahead for that. As well this challenge will pop up again in the future of the 25 days of Kindness so stay tuned for that.

Here is how it went for me:

So as mentioned today didn’t go as planned. I started my day with some work on a final exam for university. Than I went to the most amazing book sale where most books are 25 cents each! I gave away 32 books that didn’t suit my reading tastes anymore for the giveaway( see post here) so I permitted myself to spend 10$ on new books. Then things veered off in a path that I wasn’t expecting. I was expecting to go visit my grandmother with my dad because she had been feeling unwell and then from there leave for home where I would go for a workout, do my acts of kindness and a whole bunch of other little things before going to volunteer this evening. What happened is that I went to visit my grandmother with my dad as planned but she really wasn’t looking great. She was scheduled for an appointment at the hospital (routine thing but won’t go into details) that my uncle was supposed to bring her too but the planned switched to us dropping her off on the way back to where we live. When we got there they told us that because of the symptoms she was experiencing they didn’t want to do the appointment to be safe and wanted her to go to the emergency part of the hospital to see a doctor. Long story short I spent most of the day there talking to my grandmother and helping out. She is still there now so if you are reading this send her well wishes!

After I left the hospital I went straight to the volunteering which was selling raffle tickets at a movie showing of the Breadwinner, for the book version of the movie (By the way the movie was amazing! Definitely recommend! You learn so much from it.) All profits collected went to a music program for girl refugees in my hometown. I then went home finished my work on my University final and now here I am writing.

Breadwinner movie poster - Image taken from IMDb

Breadwinner movie poster – Image taken from IMDb

So did I achieve the goal of the day? No. But I did help out my grandmother and I did raise awareness for gender equality while volunteering at the event mentioned and I raised funds for an amazing program so I think that counts.

It was one of those days where you realize sometimes life doesn’t go as planned but sometimes that’s necessarily a bad thing. Some amazing things can come from the unexpected. Am I happy my grandmother is in the hospital? Of course not! But I am happy I got to spend the day with her chatting while waiting for tests and news. I am happy I got to volunteer at that event and see that inspirational story. I am happy that I went to that book sale even though it wasn’t in my schedule until the last minute.

So here is to the unexpected. Life isn’t perfect but than again where is the fun and adventure in a life that is perfect?

Let me know how your day was!

Here is tomorrows goal:

shovel someones driveway (or mow the lawn/pick garbage for someone if you are in a warm climate)

Until tomorrow! Be part of a Powered Crowd!

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  1. How wonderful to read about your acts of kindness, this gave me such warm fuzzy feelings! You’ve been doing some really thoughtful things and I’m sure your grandmother was so touched by you taking that time to spend with her! Good on you!

    Abbey ❄️

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