Blogmas day 10 – 25 days of kindness

It’s day 10! As we are in the cold month of Winter here in Ottawa, Canada the goal for today is to shovel someones driveway. I want everyone to be able to participate so if you live in a warm climate you can still do this! You could rake some leaves, mow a lawn, pick up garbage ect..

This is how it went for me:

So because yesterday I was very late with my post I decided to get this act of kindness done early today! So I got up around 6:30am and went outside to shovel. It was a bit of perfect timing because overnight we had some snow fall. Not a lot in Ottawa’s standards but still enough to shovel.

So the driveway I shoveled was my dad’s driveway. If you read my day 9 blogmas post you would see why he might be tired today(spent the day at the hospital with him mom) So I decided to shovel the driveway for him while he sleeps in so he doesn’t need to do it when he wakes up.


At first I really wanted to do it for a stranger but I feel like today it was the right choice to do it for someone I knew.

Here is Tomorrows challenge:

Leave feel good post it notes in public places

I hope you have a good day! Let me know how you did today!

Until then be part of a Powered Crowd.

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