Blogmas day 15 – 25 days of kindness

Day 15! 10 days until Christmas. We can do this! I hope everyone who is following me and participating the 25 days of kindness are well rested after the self care day! Today’s act of kindness is to use your social media to spread good messages. Whether you have thousands of followers or ten we can all use some more positivity in the media. Remember if you tag me in your 25 days of kindness posts I will retweet!

Here is how my day went:

You might have noticed that I didn’t post any Blogmas post for the last two days. I have been feeling under the weather and not in the right space to write but I am back! I don’t want to stress about what I missed so I will do a fresh start starting now with how today’s goal went.

I did my best to comment some nice things on as many blogs as possible my count so far is 6.  I also tweeted some nice things on Twitter and Instagram. So overall I think I did well!


Tomorrows challenge is:

To do an act of kindness for a special someone in our life

See you tomorrow!

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