Blogmas day 16 – 25 days of kindness

Day 16! Today is the day where we do an act of kindness for a special someone in our life. This one is very flexible, you can do something for you wife, husband, life partner, boyfriend, girlfriend or even the guy or girl you are talking to on a dating site. If none of these apply to you you can do it for a special friend or even your mom or dad or another family member.

Here is how I did:

So something that goes against the image most people have of girls, I do not like shopping (unless it’s at a bookstore or a thrift shop). So today my act of kindness was to go shopping with my dad who also hates shopping. We got a lot done but not everything. I am fighting this really weird flu like thing, one minute I am fine and then it hits me and I get dizzy and feel really weak. So that happened again today so we had to cut the shopping short so I could go home, were I proceeded to sleep for 4 hours!

How did today go for you?

Here is tomorrows goal!:

Today’s kindness challenge is to do something with someone that you hate but they love.

Until tomorrow be part of a Powered Crowd!

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  1. Awh these act of kindness posts are lovely and I love the suggestions that you’ve made. If I was to do something with someone I love that I hated it would probably be watch James Bond with my boyfriend haha!

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