Day 19 – 25 days of kindness

Today’s goal is to comment, like or retweet someones social media to help them out. Pretty simple but it can mean a lot to someone especially if they are just starting out. It can also spread some positive messages in the social media world.

Here is how I did:

For today I will be doing this a bit differently. Instead of writing how I did here I will encourage you to follow me on social media (twitter: @mayalemaire and Instagram:@poweredcrowd ) to see in real time what I did for today’s goal. The reason I am doing this is in order to be able to post tomorrow’s goal now and because I will having a very busy day today. Please get involved and use the #poweredcrowd for a retweet(as long as it has to do with acts of kindness).

Here is tomorrows goal:

help someone with a chore or something they need done

See you tomorrow! Until then be part of a Powered Crowd.

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