Last Day of Blogmas – 25 days of kindness

Hello everyone.

You might see that title and be a bit confused considering we are the 21st and it says 25 days of kindness why is this the last day? Well, you are right it is a bit early. I have had some events happen in my life this month and I feel like I really need time to de-stress and get better ( I have been feeling unwell almost all month) as well as spend time with family. So because of this reason I will continue to post acts of kindness on social media for the last 4 days but I will not be doing a blog post for them.

Thank you to everyone who who followed these 25 acts of kindness. This is something that should we all should strive to do everyday even if it’s the smallest thing (like a smile). I will definitely keep working on spreading kindness and I hope you join me in doing that too.

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Until then, be part of a Powered Crowd for positive change. 🙂

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