New Years Resolutions 2017 – Thoughts and Goals

It’s Officially 2018! 2017 was an eventful year for me. I have so many achievements I am super proud of that I accomplished in 2017, of course there was some low times but I have decided to focus on the good and how far I have come in one year! Today’s post will be a bit on what to expect from me and this blog in the upcoming year and some tips I recommend to do as the new year starts.

So firstly what I did yesterday on New Years Eve is write down my accomplishments from 2017 and my goals for 2018. When I took the time to sit down and do this I saw just how much I accomplished in the last year, I also could visualize what I wanted to achieve in this next year and writing it down gives me some drive to achieve these goals in the next year!

One of the things I wrote on my goal list is expanding my blog topic. By this I mean that I want it to be about more than doing acts of kindness but also about being a powered crowd of people who not only are kind to others but themselves as well. A crowd of self empowered people has more impact to make positive change than a normal crowd of people who are sad and low on their life and situation. So they way I am going to go about this is share my experiences and more of the things I like in a way that will hopefully encourage others to make time for self care and for embracing who they are in order to reach their full potential.

Much like my bracelet’s and their message “You are not alone” I hope that by sharing more of my struggles and daily life adventures I can show not only some cool experiences other people can have(travel, products etc…) but also show people how everyone has their ups and downs and it’s about the effort you put into your dreams and the drive to share positivity wherever you go.

Examples of posts you might see will include reviews with positivy, kindness, sustainability or moral ratings. My experiences and adventures and of course the usual opinion pieces. I also hope to do more collaborations with other bloggers this year so we will see how that goes!

I will leave you with this picture of me on New Years eve, mostly as a reminder to myself of where I started and where I want to go this year in achievements! Feel free to share your pictures on social media so you can look back in a year and remember the moment you committed yourself to a good year!


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  1. I love your intentions with the blog! Keep it up! 😊

  2. Good Luck for 2018, I hope it brings you all the positivity you wish for x

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