Millennials Rock

Hello everyone,

I am long overdue for this type of post. So let’s jump right into it.

I will start this post with a little story. The other day I was driving with my mother and we were listening to the new in the car. I recall it being something about the environment but I can’t recall the exact details. The main thing is that we were listening to this story about something going on in the world and I was hit with the idea that Millennial and the younger generation are pretty amazing.

Now a lot of people call the millennial generation spoiled, lazy, unmotivated. But I see the exact opposite. We are a generation which has grown up with technology that can connect us to people across the world in a instant. We know how to mobile change using this technology and I feel that a lot of people in my generation have a strong sens of justice.

Now of course this isn’t everyone. There is some millennial which are entitled brats but every generation has those. What I focus on is the waves of change I am seeing in the world right now all led by youth.

Let’s start with the example which is in a lot of the new channels recently. The Florida shooting at a high school. Now at my school here in Canada we had lock down procedures and practices at my school. I saw in an interview with a teacher from the school in Florida that they had practices for this kind of scenario as well but imagine it actually happening. I read some stories of the teenagers at the school and what they saw is something that will probably be with them for their entire life. I can’t begin to understand what they are going through only imagine how I would feel to see people I went to class with everyday suddenly not be there, imagine the sound of the shots and the fear in my classmates eyes.

These young adults took this experience and decided to make it into something good. They decided that they weren’t going to stand with having an education where each day at school there is the fear that because of gun laws someone could come in and put all their lives into jeopardy. As some of you might have seen in the news they are demanding change and also planning a walk out and other demonstrations to prove their points. There is some people on US news channels that I have found through looking around that are saying that there is no way that these “young people” are doing this on their own, that they are backed with someone who has a political agenda. I think that is complete nonsense. Don’t ever underestimate a young person who is driven for making positive change. Everyone has the power to make an impact if they put in the work and the time.

There is so many other examples of youth trying to make some impact, trying to get our voices heard and be the voices for those who can’t speak. To name a few Malala, Little voice books(link),Zach Makes Tracks(link) and sooo many more.

All image rights belong to Zach Makes Tracks

I think me and other millennial see that our world is messed up. There is a lot of work to do and young people are rising up to answer that call. While it’s sometimes hard to see the people working hard to make a change there is a movement of young people rising up and taking action. This is why I created powered crowd. To join this movement and do my part as everyone should in helping other people, In creating change to make this world a better place. So what are you waiting for? Join the Powered Crowd for Positive change. If you are already answering that call email me and I will feature you on my site.

Together we can be the change not tomorrow but today.

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