Getting out of a funk and Productivity

I have been in a funk for a while. Funks might not seem so devastating but they can definitely range from serious to less serious. For a while I would get up procrastinate all day and then stress that I had done nothing and my anxiety would rise and because of that I was paralyzed and couldn’t do any work because I was so anxious. It is a viscous cycle.

I was definitely tired of that I tried of doing that. I decided enough was enough and made some progress on getting out of my funk but when I made progress it had trouble sticking and sometimes days later I would fall back down the rabbit hole of funk.

Then one day I saw a Youtube video about a girl who woke up at 5am and showed her morning routine. It looked good and peaceful a good way to start a day. So I decided to give it a try. I was at a point I would do anything to get out of my funk and fully live my life. I made a plan to how I could do my version of a morning routine that would be relaxing and get me ready for the day ahead.

The next morning I woke up at 5:30 am and did that morning routine and what did you know I was super productive that day and happier as well. Since then I have woken up early every morning before 6:00 am and most of my days where really productive.

I have to say I am now hooked on this routine. I love getting stuff done. I love that feeling of accomplishment I get when I finish my to do list. I make the time I have in a day count while still giving myself time for fun and relaxing activities.

Now why am I telling you this?

I am stating all this because I know that pretty much everyone gets in funks. Some funks like I said are easier to shake off than others. Some funks last months or years but there comes a time when I think everyone realizes that they are in a funk and like a bird trapped in a cage desperately wants out but doesn’t know how.

It took me a long long time to start getting out of my funk. I am not saying it won’t every close in on me at times but I have had more joy in my life recently than I have had in a while.

So while everyone’s way to deal with things are differently. I will show you my how to get out of a funk tips that worked for me in case it might helps anyone else struggling against the bonds of their funk.

1. Give yourself some forgiveness.

Let yourself make mistakes, let yourself claw your way of the funk and fall as long as you forgive yourself and get up again.

2. Get knocked down and get up again

Like this song(see below) when you get up and the funk knocks you down again get back up and keep trying to be the best you you can be.

3. Find your inner self

sometimes we lose ourselves when things happen in our life. We lose that carefree, happy, smiling part of yourself and only let us feel those “safe emotions”. Be brave and let your inner self shine. Face those obstacles that are blocking you.

4. Rock your talents

Learn what makes you happy what you excel at and do those things.

5. Find your routine

Planner or not have a routine that gives your brain some main cues like: The day has started it’s time to wake up. The day is over it’s time to sleep.

6. Ditch procrastination

Ditch procrastination and use every moment for a reason. Here is an example. I did a big study session and was kind of drained. I had options. Sleep, eat junk food, watch Netflix or read a book that I liked and I could use for my online platforms. I choose the book. It gives me a break, I enjoy it and at the same time it’s productive!

7. Give yourself a break

Going with my last point. Schedule or leave time if you aren’t a planner for those much need and essential breaks where it’s ok if you sleep. It’s ok if you binge on Netflix.It’s ok if you mindlessly watch a reality Tv show or surf the net. No guilt involved.

The main thing with all these examples is that you need to be kind with yourself and not let your funk pull you down. If it does gte you down, don’t give up, keep on fighting and get back up!

I hope this helps if you are reading it and you are in a funk. Do you have any tips to get out of a funk that I didn’t mention? If you do let me know in the comments below or on social media!

Until next time be part of a powered crowd for positive change!

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