Acts of Kindness Introduction

Hello everyone,

I mentioned earlier in my first post that I would be doing posts on acts of kindness.

Here is more about that!

Have you ever had someone open the door for you or let you ahead of them in line. It made you smile right? These are simply acts that can bring happiness or smiles really easily. And not only does it make the person receiving the kindness happy but it also makes the person giving the out kindness happy.

So why is it not done very often by everyone. I mean it seems like a win win situation isn’t it?

My thought is that most people are often too much into personal issues and don’t see those opportunities of kindness pass them by. Everyone is guilty of this at one point or another including me. Sometimes I am on the bus texting a friend and don’t realize that there is someone who is struggling to stand in a moving bus right beside me. If I took the time to take in my surroundings I would have seen the opportunity to be kind and offer her or him my seat.

The other main reason I hear from people for not doing acts of kindness is that they are too time consuming or difficult.

So this is where my acts of kindness initiative comes in. Every week I will be doing 2-4 acts of kindness and reporting them on the blog. This is will show that being kind is beneficial to yourself and others and that it doesn’t always need to take a lot of effort There are so many different possibilities for acts of kindness that vary in length and difficulty that there’s something everyone can do. I will also report on how looking for the opportunity to be kind will hopefully make me be more observant of the people and events around be and in the process make me learn new things.049

Hopefully these Acts of Kindness posts will encourage you dear readers to join in and start spreading some kindness and happiness of your own.

If you do let me know in the comments or use #PoweredCrowd on twitter

To conclude in the words of a famous talk show host “See you soon and be kind to one another”

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  2. Lovely post! It’s always important to be kind. Put that positivity out in the world. I look forward to reading more of your content in 2018!

  3. This is such a lovely idea! This is something everyone should be doing to spread love and kindness! 😊

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