100 Days to me: Episode 1

You might have read about my self help book challenge. If you haven’t check it out here It will explain how this all fits in which Powered Crowd. One thing I was seeing over and over again was to take time for yourself which is why I changed this challenge a bit. I will still be reading the books I had shown, I will still be following their advice word for word but I have changed it to make it a bit more broad.  Keep reading to find out what exactly has changed!

I know that at some point in out lives we all struggle with finding ourselves and being happy. For some of us this period is longer than others and for some like me It has lasted too long.

Have I tried to get out of this pattern that is keeping me from being myself and achieving my true potential? Yes of course but for some reason I keep self sabotaging myself and fall back into the same patterns. Each time I fall back into the pattern I get more unhappy, more obese, less and less myself.

Now I am writing this intro on the June 4th 2018 which will also be the start date of this adventure which I will explain of very shortly. (Don’t look skip ahead I’ll know and I promise it’s worth the wait.) The main thing that propelled me on this adventure is a Facebook video. (Facebook videos and light bulb moments seem to be a reoccurring theme for me but again more on that later.) I was scrolling through Facebook and saw that someone in one of my female entrepreneur groups was doing a live video. I listened to the first minute not intending to listen to the whole thing but I ended up not only watching the whole thing and commenting multiple times on the video but also messaging her afterwards to talk about the options she gave for her coaching business. Something in the video made me instantly think: She would be a good coach.

A couple days later I was on a Skype call with her and I liked her and her style of coaching but then we got to the prices. She was in the US I was in Canada and her prices in my currency came at the lowest of 4,000 for 30 days and the other options where closer to 6-7,000 $. Now she told me that investing in yourself is worth it and her site said that if it really is important to you the money won’t hold you back but I am sorry I did not (and still don’t today three weeks later) have enough money in my bank account for even the cheapest options. I told her exactly that and she deflated a little and recommended I look at her videos or read some self help books.

Now, do I think she is still a good coach? Yes, I think she is. Do I think a coach needs to charge that much money? No, I think it’s completely ridiculous. I would think the majority of people hire coaches if they are struggling and I don’t think that you should only get quality help if you have a lot of money. I am not saying coaches can’t set high prices but she told me she helped young women so I can’t help but think of the financial strain it must put on some people. But I digress, the point is, I literally could not afford her as a coach and after some research decided that most coaches had prices that I couldn’t afford. (which is not saying much because I am a broke student who invested a lot of money in her business)

So I took her advice, although probably not in the way she expected, and went to a local bookstore which I also work at and get a discount at and bought some self help books. Than I devised a plan, I would read these books and follow the advice word for word even if I thought it was stupid and then make up my mind after if it did help. My first thought was to document it on my blog and you might have seen updates on there every now and then but It then evolved to the book you are reading right now.

So what is this adventure I am embarking on June 4th 2018? Well I am going to document 100 days of me focusing on becoming “me” I will let myself do things I love, I will improve my physical health, I will increase my happiness and I won’t be doing it with an expensive coach. No, I will be doing it by following the exact advice from a self help books and documenting my progress throughout the 100 days. My goal is that I will be able to look back and see the progress but also that you, as a reader, can read this book and see the progression and effort it takes to make this big of a change and hopefully if you are struggling you can be encouraged to start your own journey.

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  1. This is a very powerful post! I love this journey you’ve created for yourself, and honestly you and you alone will be able to make these changes into being a better person for you. I wish you nothing but support during this transformation journey, and I look forward to future episodes on your progress!

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