100 days to me: Episode 2 – The time is now!

A little while has passed since my last update and it’s not because I haven’t been doing anything. No, in fact I have been super busy!

I have started writing again (not for my blog but for my Fantasy novel) and I am loving it. I have also started reading again. These are two big things that I have stopped myself from doing in the past. I knew I loved them but I didn’t let myself do them. I kept on saying to myself that I didn’t deserve it just yet, that there was more important things to do.

What I have realized is that for most things that we find hard there will never be a good time. Let me give you and example.

I have started a health program. It is fairly intense and no junk food is allowed. I am not doing it to change my body shape in order to be more accepted. I am happy with who I am. What I am not happy about is the fact that I can’t do what I want to do with the shape my body is in. I love to travel and be active but I am so out of shape it’s hard. I want to have a lot of energy for friends, family and my business but that is also really hard with the way my body is at the moment. So I am changing it for self empowerment and betterment. Not to fit the beauty ideals of society.

I digress, what I was saying is this program isn’t easy. As one of my trainers would say, “You abused your body for so long it will take a while and a lot of hard work to be able to do things like run again”. I have someone in the program who told me “It’s so hard because it’s summer” I agree summer has a lot of BBQ and parties and ice cream and treats but, so do any other season. There is pumpkin lattes, apple pies and candy in Fall, there’s Christmas treats in winter, hot chocolate and Beaver tales (An awesome Canadian winter treat) and the list goes on. I think you get the point and I hope the term there will never be a good time make sens now.

So knowing there will never be a good time, I have adapted the moto, no time but the present. If you can start working on something now than do it!

So that’s what I did, I am working on my novel, getting over my 2 year reading slump, working out and eating right and on top of all this I am reading self help books to help me get my perspective on the right track.

How can you do the same? Start by taking the first step. It doesn’t need to be big, just take that one step in the right direction and build on it everyday.

Want some help in that field? Join my new Facebook group for everyone who wants to be in a Powered Crowd for positive change! I give out lot’s of advice in ways to help make your life better and how you can help make other people’s life better. Click here to join.

Here is one of my latest videos on my favorite self help books if you need more ideas!

That’s it for today! Have an amazing today and don’t forget to create some positive change!

Let’s all be a Powered Crowd together!

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  1. So proud of you!!!

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