Back to School Blues and How to Overcome It

It’s that time of the year, summer is over and it’s time to go back to the usual routine. Back to school means a lot for many different people. When I was really young, I loved it! I would get some first day of school clothes and new pencils and I would walk in to class super excited to start another year. Unfortunately as school moved forward I got more and more badly bullied and school because a place of torment, it wasn’t safe and I was walking in there everyday knowing I would get verbally attacked and maybe even physically hurt.

My bullying story is one I am open about and in fact I have a video planned for it on my Youtube Channel in the future (link here). It’s also something I know I am not alone in experiencing, luckily for me my last 3-4 years of high school weren’t bad bullying wise. Then came University which it’s a whole other beast. Everyone has different learning styles, some excel in a University setting, some like me feel like it is slowly draining them of vitality. I love the clubs and activities at university but I dislike maybe 85% of the classes I have taken thus far because I don’t learn well in a University styled teaching approach.

Let me elaborate. I learn well by discussions, by using my creativity, by doing things with my hands and experiencing them first hand. I learn well with visual aids. I don’t learn well with someone in front of me talking for 2 hours without any visual aids or class interaction which has been a majority of my professors.

Now you might ask, why are you even at University then? Well, the truth is while I might absolutely struggle in a University class environment, the type of employment and opportunities I want to have access to requires a degree from a University. I am also incredibly blessed to have the resources as well as the opportunity to attend University which is something I know some people would kill for, so I take those struggles I have and I push through them. It’s worked so far and I am now officially in my last semester! Once I graduate I am going to hopefully be able to take all the things I learned and worked for, in an environment which wasn’t the right one for me in terms of how I learn, and I will share that knowledge with those around me as well as apply it to Powered Crowd so that as a business, Powered Crowd can help more and more people.

So why did I share those little bit’s of my Story with you? Well if you look into the facts I mentioned you can see a couple things. As in most stories it could be obvious to some of you reading this and less obvious to others as well all process stories differently (That’s the beauty of stories). So here is why I shared these bit’s of my story with you.

Firstly, I wanted to point out that if you have something that makes you anxious to go back to school, it could be bullying like me or that you struggle with the teaching style of your teachers or even that you have a learning disability or a physical disability that set’s you apart from you classmates you are not alone in this feeling.

Not only are you not alone in these feelings, in fact most people feel that same anxiety, some for personal issues we might have no ideas they are hiding. As someone who is entering their last semester of University, I can tell you that while you might want to just hide under your covers and skip school altogether this year, if you take that step and get back into the rhythm of school you will see it will get easier. One foot in front of the other and before you know it you will be reaching the end of your education goals.

The second thing I want you to take from this is that if you struggle in school and learn differently than don’t despair. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, we all learn differently and the school system has a one size fits most template. It’s not because teachers aren’t awesome people, but it’s because there is only one teacher for 30 children these days and it’s literally not possible for them to teach all the the different learning styles at one time. My tips are as follows:

1) Let your teacher know you are struggling. Most will be happy to help.

When I say happy to help I don’t mean they will do the work for you, an important distinction, but they will help you find solutions to help you solve the things you are struggling with and support you with those things.

2) Most school have extra resources for people who learn differently.

Inform yourself on these resources or go in your community and see if you can make a study group, a support group, find a tutor or find people who are there to help you excel at school

The last thing I want you to take from this is that if you are bullied, it might feel like you are walking back into a war zone. Here are my tips:

1) talk about it

Get the help you need and don’t keep quite about it until something is done about it. Some teachers and even Principals (I’ve been there) won’t do much more than the bare minimum if even that but there will be that right person who will believe and support you. Don’t give up, they are out there.

2) Don’t let the bullies win

If you let them ruin your day they win. Take the minute to let the frustration out and then stand tall and let them know your stronger than their words or actions.

If you are feeling the back to school blues don’t despair. You aren’t alone in this feeling and with some work and courage you will see that school will get better. You saw that I struggles with school, and while I wouldn’t do it over again I do have some memories from school that I cherish. Be an explorer and scavenge out those amazing moments everyday and hold on to them for the less than great days.

Are you a parent with a child going back to school? Do you want to know which stories to share with them to help them feel more prepared? If yes go and check out the video below from my Youtube channel where I give my top 5 stories to help kids go back to school. (If you enjoyed please go and subscribe it helps a lot!)

Until next time be part of a Powered Crowd, share those inspiring stories and let’s work together to make this world a better place.

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