How to Create some Stories and Memories this Fall!

It’s Finally Fall!….OK, maybe the official start of fall is already passed but for me when October arrives I feel that the arrival of Fall can no longer be denied.

Fall brings with it many amazing stories, we have the spooky Halloween stories, we have the comforting feel good stories that we want to have when sitting next to the fireplace. We have the stories of the great autumn adventures that people have had… in fact this post will be about this last type of story! I want for you to have a fall filled with empowering stories for you to look back on when you are down, I want the memories of your fall 2018 to bring you joy and a renewal of self empowerment when you need it in the middle of winter blue. So in this post I will suggest some top things to do in fall to make some memories and give you some stories to share to spread some cheer. Because after all, this is Powered Crowd and our goal here is to become a powered crowd for positive change. What better way to do this that spread some happy stories and spread some smiles. Not all acts of Positive change need to be big. Sometimes something as small as a smile can create a great big ripple.

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Before I start I want to say that I know fall is different in every place of the world. I also know that everyone has different budgets. So I will strive to make all these ideas affordable and give the disclaimer right now that most of these ideas as for people who have falls which are similar to that of Canada’s. I will however give some options at the end on how you can make your own Canadian fall memories from anywhere in the world so stay tuned for that!

Now, let’s go right into the first one.

1)A first thing which can be really fun to do in Autumn is a wagon ride. A wagon ride is something which can sometimes be free at local farms if not it’s usually under $5! It’s a great small outing to do. If you wanted to make the outing longer you can bring some food and have a picnic. You can also make a day out of it and bring your own phone or camera for a little photo hunt as well. If the wagon ride is at a real farm you can also go and see some animals and maybe even explore a corn maze or as some places do here, go to one of the haunted houses made in the barns. Lot’s of option if you can find a farm nearby!

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2)My next thing costs nothing. It’s going on a nature walk! When it’s fall it’s not too cold, and with all the leaves changing colours there is not a nicer scenery for a short or long walk. Take the opportunity to take some pictures, take some deep breaths, reflect and meditate if you are alone or share some inspiring stories with a friend to leave you feeling empowered and refreshed when you are done. Follow it up with a cup of hot cocoa or tea and you have an outing which costs 2 dollars max. (Unless you splurge on an expensive drink)

3) My next one is apple picking! This is such a fun thing to do as a group. It let’s you spend quality time with other people and trying to grasp those hard to get apples is always good for a laugh and some memories. You do have to pay for the apples, though not the time on a beautiful apple orchard. The good news is that when you are done you can use the apples to make some yummy food so they won’t go to waste. If you want to take an entrepreneurial route to it you can sell your baked goods for charity or for your own profit. I can guarantee you if you follow on of those two paths you will learn quite a bit and have some stories to share to help other people on that journey grow.

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4) Carving a pumpkin! This one can be done at any budget. You can go to a pumpkin patch and pick your own pumpkin and make a day of it. You can buy a large, medium or small pumpkin at a grocery store or farm. You can put the mini pumpkins if you are tight on cash or you can even go to the dollar store and get one for a dollar or two and then decorate it with things you have around the house! Use your creativity and you can even make a contest out of it. See who can make the best pumpkin disguise or challenge your neighbors to participate as well! The good thing with the fake ones is that they can be re-used so for the cash conscious it’s a one time investment of a couple dollars which will last years.

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5) For this last idea I will show you how you can have a fall evening from anywhere in the world.

Step 1: Get the YouTube fireplace channel on or light a candle.

Step 2: Get Some treats like hot chocolate or apple tarts. (If you don’t have access to those be creative and make something similar!)

Step 3: Put on your TV a Halloween

movie or stream it from YouTube

Step 4: Invite friends or make it a family night

Step 5: Get crafty, make your own pumpkin jack o lantern with paper or a fish bowl. You could even knit or learn to knit if you’d like!

Step 6: Enjoy and make some memories!

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So there is some ideas you can use to make some memories and create some stories!

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Until next time use the power of stories to empower yourself and empower others and let’s create a Powered Crowd for positive change!

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