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Hello everyone,

Here is my first post for my acts of Kindness series. If you want more information on it please check my previous post here.

The other day I went to the Museum of Art for a class I am taking. I was a bit upset as I had to take time out of my very busy week to take an extra 20 minutes bus ride which would make my bus ride home over 1h10 minutes just to fill out 5 questions on a piece of paper. Then on the way there I took the wrong bus and had to make a big detour. I got there shoulders aching from my too heavy backpack and went in none too happy.

Then I walked in and my mood got a little brighter. Memories of my countless trips there from my days in the specialized visual arts program in high school came back to me. And I realized I was being silly to be so unhappy. Determined to turn it around I greeted everyone I saw with a big smile.

It’s amazing what a positive attitude and a smile can do. It changed the whole course of my day and everyone around me seemed to cheer up a bit too.

Which brings me to my acts of kindness. Now they will seem small but part of documenting these acts of kindness is to see that it doesn’t take much effort to be kind and just seeing someone smile and be happy because of you is worth it.

1. Be kind to the guards.

I don’t know about other art museums but In the one in my home town security officers are stationed a bit everywhere in the exposition halls. I feel that it must be boring standing there all day watching people passing you like you don’t exist. I have always been scared to make eye contact or even smile to these the guards scared I would be distracting them,bothering them or that they would think a smile meant I was up to something. That day however I started with a simple small smile. The reaction? The guard was not angry at me or looking at me disapprovingly he just, smiled back.

And that made me happy. I then brought it to the next level and tried just saying hi to a guard,then asking them directions. Every time they would be super helpful and kind and would reward me with a big smile.

By the end of my brief trip to fill out my questionnaire I said goodbye and they all seemed more happy then when I walked in and I was happier too for I had proven to myself that a happy mood is contagious and that making someone smile is not hard,definitely worth it and that it also made me happy to have triggered that smile.

2. Fill out the survey

As I was walking out a smile on my face and a women at a desk asked me if I was done my visit I said yes and she asked me if I could take a minute to fill out a survey.

My first thought was no. I never like filling those things out and I was thaught to be wary of people trying to cell stuff or of those people calling to ask you to answer some questions. But this girl seemed nice and it struck me that it must be a hard job to ask people all day long to fill out a survey with none too kind responses or no thank yous being the main response.

So I hesitantly said yes depending on the questions and it ended up being a great decision. The survey was anonymous and just asked basic questions about satisfaction. It was short and demanded very little effort and through this I got to learn that this girl at the desk had taken a class with the same professor that I was doing the museum assignment with. We talked a bit and I left  having made yet another person happy.

There are the two simple acts of kindness I made on my museum visit. The main thing I learned is that attitude is key. As soon as I looked at the positive side and tried spreading some kindness and happiness the day ended up being a great one. I left 20 times happier than when I came in and I made at least 5 people a bit happier even if it was for a brief moment.

For me that was definitely worth it. Try it out you may find that being kind in even the simple ways mentioned above can change your day completely around.

Until next time


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