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Share Your Story Project:

On International Women’s day 2017 there was an event through “Because I am a Girl”  with Madame Sophie Gregoire Trudeau and Caroline Riseboro (president of the organization). I was very lucky and got to participate. We discussed many good things but the main thing that I took out of the event is how you can’t be ashamed of who you are and that sharing your story can help others and yourself in many ways. It can let people know that they are not alone, encourage others to practice kindness and understanding, and overall show that everyone is different and has their own personal obstacles but that everyone’s story is important, big or small.

At the end of the event we all had to make a statement of what we were going to do afterwards. My statement was that I would share my story. So in a big personal step I did just that and posted it on social media and YouTube (link below). So far my story has been getting some good feedback.

Sharing stories is really important. If you share your story it can even be as simple as saying my name is ____ I have been through _____ you are not alone. Let me know on social media. There is Twitter, Facebook, comments and more. Let us be a powered crowd and let people be impowered by what they have lived through and not pulled down!


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