You Are Not Alone Bracelets info

What are You Are Not Alone Bracelets?

Go see this video for an introduction:



In short these bracelets and supposed to be a visual representation of the phrase you are not alone. Every bracelet comes with a charm that says you are not alone and beads. Each different bead represents some kind of trial people might face in their life.


As someone who has had some trials in her life that made me feel alone. ( see video here) I wanted to make a product that helped people feel less lonely. I also wanted people to embrace who they are and celebrate their trials instead of letting them weigh on them. I hope that people who wear these bracelets will feel empowered to embrace who they are. I also hope that if they see someone else with one of these bracelets it will help some people feel less alone. Finally I hope this will create positive change not only for the reasons I mentioned but also because I hope it starts discussions and reduces the stigma on things such as mental health ( (see the meaning of the gold bead which will facilitate this).



Q: I don’t see a bead for something I would like to be represented. Are you planning on releasing one?

A: Yes! I will be expanding the beads to include more trials different people might face. Feel free to let me know what kind of Beads you would like to see.

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