Message from the Younger Generation – Canada

Are you a young Canadian under the age of 30? Do you have a story to share? Do you want your voice to be heard? Then keep on reading for an amazing opportunity.

My name is Maya Lemaire and I am a young Canadian. I own the company Powered Crowd, which encourages people to create positive change in their personal life, in their community, and abroad. I am launching a new project called “Message from the Younger Generation – Canada”. This project will be a published book with stories from Canada’s younger generation. It’s goals will be to show the diversity of Canadian youth and share Canadian

youth’s messages to other Canadian youths, older generations, parliament, Canada in general, and the world.

I am looking for young Canadians under the age of 30 (i.e., max age of 29) to submit their stories to These stories must be a minimum of 3/4 of a page and a maximum of 6 pages, typed in Times New Roman at 12 point font.

Additional information:

  • You may submit Poetry in which case the minimum and maximum is the same but you may use 2 to 3 poems.
  • You can submit pictures you have taken or your personal art to accompany your story.
    • Note: These pictures must belong to you.
  • For the moment, this book will be in English. However, if you speak French (one of Canada’s official languages) please feel free to use French as a topic or incorporate French phrases in your story along with translation.

Additional requirements:

  • Please add the Subject line of “Message for Young Canadian’s” to your email.
  • You must include your name, age, and where you are in Canada to be considered.
  • Please take the time to look over spelling and grammar. Bad grammar or difficulty reading your story might reduce your chances of being selected.
  • The story can not be disrespectful of any person, gender, religion, culture, etc.
  • The story must be about your personal life. The story can talk about any aspect of your life such as an experience you lived, your religion, your culture, your hopes for the future, what changes your would like to see in Canada, etc.
  • While the author credit to the story will always be yours (i.e., you will always be credited when your work is mentioned), if your story is chosen you will need to sign a form stating that I am allowed to publish your work in the final product.

What you will receive if your story is chosen?

  • You will get a finished version of the book.
  • Your name will be featured in the book and on my Website.
  • Possible speaking opportunities for those interested.
  • Many more bonus opportunities in the works, which will be released when finalized.



Important Dates:

Will be updated as the submissions come in.


Anymore questions? Please feel free to send them to me at !

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