About Powered Crowd:

Powered Crowd was founded with a goal to make some positive change in the world and encourage others to do the same. It soon grew as a platform to share inspiring stories, local and global events, as well as to feature some amazing people who are making some positive change in this world. Powered Crowd has also grown to launch a project called “The You are not Alone bracelets” a projects which aim is to help people who feel alone because of struggles they have faced in their life(more information here)

Powered Crowd hopes to grow more and more and make as much positive change as possible. Powered Crowd goes from the philosophy that everything from holding the door for someone to being part of helping solve diseases or help reduce poverty is important. In other word  if everyone did something to help others everyday big or small the world would be drastically different. Every action has a ripple effect which is why Powered Crowd strives itself as well as encourages others to make our actions positive and work together as a Powered Crowd for positive change.


About the Founder:

Maya Lemaire is a young canadian living In the nation’s capital of Ottawa. She is the founder of Powered Crowd, a social enterprise focused on creating positive change in every aspect of one’s personal life but also at a local and global scale. Her hope is to encourage others to join her on this journey in order to create together a Powered Crowd for positive change.

Maya was inspired in many ways to follow her passion for being an agent of change such as her time volunteering in Cambodia, volunteering at One Young World, meeting Sophie Gregoire Trudeau and Caroline Riseboro (CEO of Because I Am a Girl) and talking to them in a small group setting about women’s issues, hearing Malala speak to Parliament etc.. When she isn’t trying to make positive change in the world, you can find her with a book or dreaming about her next big idea or about a new travel destination.


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