Ottawa Book Battle

Welcome to the Ottawa Book Battle page!

If you are a reader interested in the event or are looking for more information on tickets, venue etc.. follow this link

If you are an Author read on!

Are you eligible? :

  • You must be an Ottawa resident (If you live slightly outside of Ottawa and would like to participate please send me an email at
  • You must have a published book (self published or traditionally published)
  • Your book cannot be in the erotic category (the event is open to younger audiences)

How to submit your book?:

  • Introduce yourself in a quick blurb (max 400 words)
  • 1) Have a brief 200-400 word synopsis about what your book is about.
  • 2) Explain why you think your book should be chosen (max 400 words)
  • 3) Provide a way for us to access your book. (If your book is chosen for the event you will be asked to provide two free copies of your book. One for display and door prize and one for the judge to read)
  • 4) Tell us what category do you want your book to be put into? (You may only choose 1)
    • non-fiction
    • fiction
    • fantasy
    • child
    • Young Adult
  • 5) You can add additional notes or questions at the bottom of your email.
  • 6) Send an email to with the subject line “Ottawa Book Battle- Your Name”
    • PLEASE NOTE: If you do not include the subject line, your email might be lost or not accepted. Please follow this step.

The Application Process:

1) Send in your application, following the rules above. Applications not following these rules might not be considered.

2) You will receive an email stating that your application was successfully received.

3)At least a month before the event, the top 10 finalists in each category will be announced on the event page and by email. (More details of the exact date coming soon)

4) The 5 judges will choose a book in one of these categories to read and represent on the event date.

5) Winners will be advised if their book has been chosen by a judge.

6) On the event date, the Authors of the 5 chosen books will be present for the second part of the event which is a Q&A with the Authors and a book signing session.


(This section will be updated regularly. If you do not see your question here please email me at with the subject line “Ottawa Book Battle – Question”)

Q: When will I know if my book is a finalist for my category?

A: You will know at least a month in advance. More details will be available closer to the date of the event.

Q:Who are the Judges?

A: The Judges will be revealed closer to the event date

Q: How many books can I submit?

A: You can only submit one book. Any additional submissions will not be counted.

Q: Are Ebooks allowed?

A: Yes they are.

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