Reading Buddies Info

Reading Buddies, another product by Powered Crowd that does good!

What Are Reading Buddies?

Reading Buddies are a pack of three things:

1) A recycled stuffed animal (cleaned before given to customers)

2) A recycled book

3) A sewn sleeping bag

Together these three things make up a reading buddy. Reading Buddies are meant to encourage children to read. In fact we encourage each child that receives a reading buddy to read this oath:

Oath of Teddy

I swear to read to my teddy and help my teddy learn. I promise to always be nice to my teddy and if I ever I no longer want him, I promise to give him to someone who needs him and will love him just I like did.

This is my absolutely true promise!

La Promesse de toutou

Je jure que je vais lire des histoires à mon toutou et l’aider à apprendre à lire. Je promets que je vais toujours être gentil/gentille avec mon toutou. Si jamais je ne veux plus de mon toutou, je promets de le donner à quelqu’un qui en a besoin et qui l’aimera à son tour.

Ceci est ma vraie de vraie promesse!

A child can use their reading buddies in multiple ways. They can hold them when they are being taught how to read, they can read to them or teach their reading buddies how to read or they can use them during story time/during bedtime stories.

Not only does this product help your child learn how to read and develop a love of reading but 5$ from every product sold goes to children literacy charities or to charities that help children who have no access to education. On top of this Powered Crowd is working on employing people who are new to the area such as refugees.

If you want to be part of a Powered Crowd and help make some positive change while getting an awesome product go here

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