Powered Crowd. Who Are We?

About Powered Crowd:

Powered Crowd was founded with a goal to make some positive change in the world and encourage others to do the same. Today, Powered Crowd is a platform which encourages and shows people how to change their lives for the better and how to be self empowered. Powered Crowd uses a Storytelling philosophy to share these important messages of self growth and showcase people who are empowering and helping others and/or themselves.

Powered Crowd believes in the ripple effect philosophy, if you learn how to be happy and empowered in your life it will create ripples and bring happiness and empowerment to others. Every small step to making this world a better place starts inside of you. This is why Powered Crowd encourages people from all walks of life to join the movement and spread some love, happiness and positive change in their lives and the lives of others!

About the Founder:

Maya Lemaire is a young canadian living In the nation’s capital of Ottawa. She is the founder of Powered Crowd, a social enterprise focused on empowering people in their personals lives through the power of storytelling. Her hope is to help people create an empowered life and in turn help those around them. Maya is a firm believer that if we all make steps towards helping others we can change the world, she also believes that the first step in this process is finding  yourself and your happiness so that you can share that happiness and understanding with others.

Maya was inspired in many ways to follow her passion for being an agent of change such as her time volunteering in Cambodia, volunteering at One Young World, meeting Sophie Gregoire Trudeau (Wife of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau) and Caroline Riseboro (CEO of Because I Am a Girl) and talking to them in a small group setting about women’s issues, hearing Malala speak to Parliament etc.. When she isn’t trying to make positive change in the world, you can find her with a book in hand, thinking up new big ideas or dreaming about a new travel destination.

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