You Are Not Alone Bead - Support Bead

You Are Not Alone Bead - Support Bead

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These colored beads go with the You Are Not Alone bracelets. Each bead represents a trial someone might have faced in their life. The purpose of the bracelets is to visually demonstrate what you have been through in order to reduce stigma on problems such as mental health but also as a conversation piece to help other know they are not alone.

Story Behind the Bracelet:
As someone who has had some trials in her life that made me feel alone. I wanted to make a product that helped people feel less lonely. I also wanted people to embrace who they are and celebrate their trials instead of letting them weigh on them. I hope that people who wear these bracelets will feel empowered to embrace who they are. I also hope that if they see someone else with one of these bracelets it will help some people feel less alone. Finally I hope this will create positive change not only for the reasons I mentioned but also because I hope it starts discussions and reduces the stigma on things such as mental health (see the meaning of the gold bead which will facilitate this).

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Bead Meanings:

    Gold: Wear this bead to demonstrate your support for everyone who is going through tough times. The support bead shows that you are open for people to talk to you about your experience and that you will support them.

    Blue: Wear this bead if you are struggling or you have struggled with mental health or mental disability at some point in your life. (Autism, Anxiety, OCD, Down Syndrome etc.)

    Green: Wear this bead if you are a newcomer to the area. (Immigrant, refugee, expatriate etc.)

    Orange: Wear this bead if you have struggled or are struggling with an eating disorder.

    Red: Wear this bead if you have been through a health issue (surgery, hospitalization, serious infection etc.)

    Purple: Wear this bead if you have a physical disability of any kind (wheel chair, paralysis, amputee, etc.)

    Yellow: Wear this bead if you have battled with cancer.

    Pink: Wear this bead if you have been a victim of bullying

    Rainbow: Wear this bead if you identify as being part of the LGBTQ2 community (Trans, Gay, Lesbian, two spirited, etc.)

    Black: Wear this bead if you have been through a loss of somebody you care about.